Peligroso ang bawat panig. Walang batas na gumagabay sa delicadeza, nasa purview ito ng kagandahang asal. At tulad ng sinasambit ni Caparas, na siya ang tunay na artista ng bayan dahil galing siya sa masa at tinatangkilik siya ng masa, makauring diskurso rin ang pagbanggit ng delicadeza. Sino ba ang nagsasabi kung ano ang prim and proper? Kaninong pamantayan ba alinsunod ang dekorum na kahilingan ng delicadeza? Ang isinasaad naman ng kampo ng nakapang-agrabyado ay ang kanilang moral at ligal na claim sa NAA.

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An angel in the form of a rabbit, appears to her and tells her that instead of the standard twelve piglets, she will have only one—the Takdang Baboy. The angel tells her that she must name the piglet Butsiki. The Takdang Baboy, or TB for short, will save the pig race from certain destruction.

Ponyang and husband Kardo become afraid, for the Punong Baboy who wished to sell all their lands to the mining industry ordered pregnant pigs who exhibited odd behavior to be poisoned. The Punong Baboy had heard of the TB prophecy, and was threatened by it. Ponyang gave birth in another town, and Butsiki was visited by her very own version of the three kings: a dog, a cat, and a mouse.

Months later, they return to Babuyan Islands, where things are not looking up. The mining industry has destroyed their home, the pigs are in poverty, and the reign of the Punong Baboy was one of corruption and deceit.

Butsiki has grown up, and was easy to distinguish from the other pigs. She was clean, for one. She also had a star on her forehead, and her nails sparkled. She was also the only pig who liked to take baths everyday—in clean water. They are out playing one day when Becky gets sick from the mud contaminated with the waste from the mines. Butsiki bathes her in clean water and she gets well.

Soon, all the sick pigs come to her. She then convinces all the other pigs to start cleaning their environment, to prevent the other pigs from getting sick too. This was much to the chagrin of antagonists Ipis, Gagamba, and Lamok. The Punong Baboy orders Butsiki to be put on trial. In the trial, Becky and Butsukoy testify to her good and helpful nature, while Ipis, Gagamba and Lamok incriminate her for the destruction of their homes.

The Punong Baboy sentences her to become litson. The rabbit-angel appears again, and Butsiki is seen ascending to heaven. Days later, all the pigs become sick from their waste, and they realize the error of their ways. Reaction: These pigs just grow on you. Although at the beginning it is a bit odd to see pigs singing and dancing, audiences soon become accustomed to the musical styles of Babuyan Island.

Notable in the play is the use of technology, both on and off stage. Pigs toting cell phones and a rabbit with a laptop gave the play a contemporary ambience. The lighting and the set itself was beautifully done, echoing simplicity and creativity. It was also chockfull of humor, in both the songs and dialogues.

The actors and actresses singers and dancers deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. So do the costume designers, writers and of course, the director. The story is patterned after the story of Jesus, and his own call for change. Butsiki is a simple pig destined for great things and a noble end. She is remembered for her contributions and ends up changing her world even long after her death. Resonant in the retelling is the emphasis on the values of cleanliness, inner strength and purity of heart.

Butsiki shows audiences that even little pigs can make a big difference. My only criticism of the play is that the development of the events was too slow at the beginning, and too fast towards the end. Other than that, this is a must-see for everyone who wants to sit back and relax and see a Philippine classic brought to life onstage. Like I said, these pigs just grow on you. Posted by.


ISBN 13: 9789711900618

Showing of 1 reviews. They can prevent it by cleaning their environment. Reese Rose rated it it was ok Oct 31, After some time, Lsngit floated lahgit the air and went to heaven. The Big-Pig was also angry because Butsiki is teaching the pig community to dream for a better and cleaner place to live, he is teaching the pigs to be clean which is for Big Pig is against their laws and nature.


Unang Baboy Sa Langit

It brought me back to the world of story books I used to visit when I was way, way back younger. So I went, oo nga, parang kelan lang. Perhaps, the teacher is already tired seeing her name on my classmates papers. Raquel and her mysterious, well, at first, and undoubtedly fantastic, for her cousin, hair is indeed remarkably wonderful. I love the way the story unfolds. Our physical and chemical composition, that is beyond our total understanding.

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