Mikanos A few months after the church was started, I met people who claimed to have divine encounters with God. The Lord just spoke to me and said that you are supposed tge teach our Saturday night service where over one thousand young adults gather each week. Books — Mike Bickle Teaching Library These are men and women who regularly receive dreams, visions, and super- natural encounters as a part of their lifestyle. I trusted their genuineness, their love for the Scriptures, and their commitment to evangelism. We need mioe take the time to work through the process of administrating prophetic ministry and prophetic revelation because the benefits of prophetic revelation to the local church are too great and the consequences of shutting it out are too severe.

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This book is absolutely phenomenal. I know some of you might have issues with Bickle, I did without even really knowing him or what he taught.

He just always gave me a bad vibe for no reason. But I assure you he is a great teacher, very humble and honest. You will appreciate this book, especially if you are someone who really desires to grow in the prophetic but does not A friend of mine bought me this book because he knew I would never read the PDF version he sent me, and I am so glad he did!

You will appreciate this book, especially if you are someone who really desires to grow in the prophetic but does not know what that looks like. This book is practical, simple, and biblical—I strongly suggest you get a hold of it. I especially liked the parts about prophetic singing and music and along with misuse of prophecies. Important word! I am glad this was the first book I have read regarding the gift of prophecy.

It has given me much insight and knowledge on how to serve God better. This was recommended to me by someone who had it recommended from someone else. More of a manual than a book perse. It does end quite abruptly. But, oh the wisdom in this book! Such a treasure trove of teaching, prophetic training and protocol.

An absolute vital read for any prophetic minister. Highly recommended. Very clear and mature view of the prophetic.


Growing in the Prophetic


AEM UEGO 30-4100 PDF




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