Creating Manual Links Modified on: Mon, 4 Jun, at PM Manual links can be established by left-clicking and holding on an unselected source entity, then dragging a link to target entity. The properties settings shown in the image above will result in the link below being created: The label of the link is displayed on the link on your graph. Link labels can be set to be visible or invisible. When working with a large graph you might not want to show all the transform link labels, as things get confusing quick if you have a lot of link labels. By default, transform link labels are set to be invisible in global settings.

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Here this is the number 5th tool in the list of information gathering tools in Kali Linux. We already discussed the previous tools. Check them out. You can gather information to a large extent by using this tool.

The tool comes preinstalled in the Kali Linux operating system. But you can also download it for Mac and Windows. The tool can find the relationship between the collected information and gives structural data about that information. Maltego gives powerful search options to the user and gives smarter results than other information-gathering tools. Maltego gives the proper demonstration of the interconnection between the searched items. It has a paid version and it gives more search options and gives a much better result.

First, you need to register with the tool to get access to the features. This is a very simple process. After completing the registration you will see a login page. A blank graph will open as in the picture shown below. There are many options available that you can use for free. Now double click on the circle named as John Doe and change the details with the person you want to collect information and click on OK.

Now if you want to collect the information about the person, right-click on the name and there will be shown many options such as Email addresses of the person, social account of the person, etc.

B: If you want to know about the social account of the person, you must log in to your social accounts too. Now right click on the icon and click on the All transforms or as your choice. It will start running the selection and take a few seconds to complete. Here we took an example Email- Address and we got a graph as shown in the picture below. The graph showing the collected data and the link between them. To Collect Information from a Website So now we will again open a new graph to collect information from a website.

Look at the Entity Panel and click and drag the Website option to the blank graph. So, we took a demo website and ran All transform option and got a graph as in the picture shown below.

These are really cool features of the Maltego tool. You can use this tool to collect information about a person to do social engineering or you can collect information from a website to find its vulnerability to access it. Conclusion There are many features available for free. You can try them on your own.

These things are not so hard to do. If you are facing any kind of problem regarding this tool, kindly leave us a comment below explaining your problem. Our team is always here for you.


Tutorial de Maltego CE

There are a few important concepts in Maltego that need to be understood before using Maltego. Desktop Client Maltegos software used on the desktop is This is synonymous to creating a new document in Word, or a new sheet on excel. Once you You will see the selection circle appear around it. Multiple Entities Drag a block with mouse Tue, 23 Apr, at AM Panning To pan around your graph, right-click and hold while moving the mouse in the desired direction.


Welcome to Maltego.

Barisar Clear and refresh images: Clicking the merge action will open a window that is used to select a primary entity for the merge. Using the Overview view to navigate a large graph. From the Collections tab, the rule ratio for collection nodes can be set. We general use Twitter to post notifications about new features and we use YouTube to post any new video tutorials that we do. You can move the visible frame white box around on the Overview window top-right corner using the mouse left-clickdrag — the main graph window will update in real time. Details about the version of Java that is being used can be found under the Java Runtime section.

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