When is Urethrography performed? Procedure time was 10 to 15 min. But awcending accuracy of sono-urethrogram decreased dramatically in evaluating posterior urethral strictures. You should also let the hospital or radiology practice know when you make your appointment.

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R, MD. G Road, Mysore. Karnataka, , India. E-mail: moc. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract To compare the efficacy of sono-urethrogram and ascending urethrogram in the evaluation of stricture urethra. Materials and Methods In this prospective study 40 patients with obstructive lower urinary tract symptoms and suspected to be having stricture urethra were subjected to ascending urethrogram and sonourethrogram.

The radiologist was blinded to the findings of ascending urethrogram. All the sonourethrograms were done by the same radiologist. The specificity, sensitivity,positive predictive value and negative predictive value of each modality in the diagnosis of various urethral anomalies were estimated.

Results The sonourethrogram identified stricture disease in all the patients who had abnormal ascending urethrogram. In addition, other abnormalities like spongiofibrosis, diverticula and stones which were not picked up in ascending urethrogram were diagnosed by sonourethrogram. The cystoscopic and intra-operative findings with respect to stricture length, diameter and spongiofibrosis correlated well with sono-urethrogram findings.

Conclusion sonourethrogram is an effective alternative to ascending urethrogram in the evaluation of stricture urethra. It is more sensitive in the diagnosis of anterior urethral strictures than posterior urethral strictures. It is superior to ascending urethrogram in the identification of spongiofibrosis, diameter and length of the stricture.

The complications were lower in sonourethrogram group compared to ascending urethrogram. Besides history and physical examination, ascending urethrogram remained the Gold Standard for evaluating Male Urethral Stricture Cunningham et al.

However some authors have reported that this imaging study is not ideal for posterior urethral strictures. For posterior urethra, combining ascending urethrogram with MCUG is more rewarding 2. Moreover it under estimates the length of proximal Bulbar urethral stricture and has the disadvantage of underestimating peri-urethral fibrosis.

This has been elaborated as this segment of urethra is fixed in the same axis as pelvis. Ascending urethrogram leads to radiation exposure of msv, equivalent to 6 months of background radiation and 20 chest X-rays 5 , 6.

Procedure related infection- Contributes to 0. The initial experiences with ultrasound evaluation of the urethra were described separately in the late s by McAninch et al. Early studies identified not only the ability of ultrasound to demonstrate the exact length of strictures but also the added ability to define the periurethral tissues, as opposed to contrast urethrography, which only demonstrates the lumen.

In particular, the presence and degree of periurethral fibrosis can be shown with a view to guiding surgery 9 , The aim of the study was to compare the efficacy of Sono-urethrogram with Ascending urethrogram in the evaluation of Male urethral strictures.

Male Patients with age group between years mean 43 years presenting with obstructing voiding symptoms suggestive of stricture urethra were subjected to ascending urethrogram AUG under aseptic precautions and antibiotic coverage. A written consent was taken from all the patients before subjecting to the study.

Patients with recurrent stricture were excluded from the study.


Retrograde urethrogram


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