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I did not notice that my text was incomplete until later in the day. I have now rewritten the missing paragraphs and have posted my article again. But, the current post also contains information regarding the history of books. However, the Ashmole Bestiary was written and illuminated on calfskin, or vellum , which is the superior paper. Wax Tablets: Early Folio please click on the image to enlarge it Woman holding wax tablets in the form of the codex.

Wall painting from Pompeii , before 79 D. Codices are books as we know them, i. The pages were connected to one another using a thread. But, the pages were eventually bound together, which had one important advantage: pages could not be stolen. The Aberdeen Bestiary has incisions , i. Please click on the image to enlarge it.

Scrolls were read from side to side volumen or from top to bottom rotulus. Ironically, when we read information on the internet, we use the scroll! There was a time, moreover, when only one side of the folio the page was illuminated and written on calligraphy.

In other words, the sequential codex did not have a recto-verso. The terms Recto and Verso predate the printing-press. Recto and Verso , Wikipedia. By and large, it features animals that cannot be found in Europe, except for a few. Short of a picture, a tiger might not look like a tiger. Moreover, my post would be too long. The rest follows naturally. There are a few more points I wish to discuss concerning illuminated manuscripts. Tiny Gallery.

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The Ashmole Bestiary

They and other authors freely expanded or modified pre-existing models, constantly refining the moral content without interest or access to much more detail regarding the factual content. Nevertheless, the often fanciful accounts of these beasts were widely read and generally believed to be true. A few observations found in bestiaries, such as the migration of birds, were discounted by the natural philosophers of later centuries, only to be rediscovered in the modern scientific era. Medieval bestiaries are remarkably similar in sequence of the animals of which they treat. Bestiaries were particularly popular in England and France around the 12th century and were mainly compilations of earlier texts. The Aberdeen Bestiary is one of the best known of over 50 manuscript bestiaries surviving today. Bestiaries influenced early heraldry in the Middle Ages, giving ideas for charges and also for the artistic form.


Facsimiles of Illuminated Manuscripts in Special Collections

Genesis Illustration the Creation of Heaven and Earth. The first sentence of the book is incorporated into the illustration with the wording on alternating blue and pink ground. To the left of this is a column of interweaving foliage ornament. The main picture shows God standing frontally with his right hand blessing and his left hand clasping a book.


MS. Ashmole 1511




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