AFI 63-501 PDF

Dohn Change requests address not only new or changed requirements e. Each practice is graded as either satisfied or not satisfied. For example, requirements flow from the stakeholders to the product, segment, sub segment, and eventually to hardware or software component levels. Subsequent directives from the Secretary of the Air Force and the Air Force chief of staff gave very specific instructions for upgrading and managing the acquisition workforce. This is achieved by providing both standard process definitions and an associated set of SE best practices tailored for use by United States Air Force programs and af.

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Mugore DG2P2 Evaluate whether afl product-components should be developed, purchased, or reused based on established criteria Description: Analyze the results of all transition activities and identify appropriate action.

For example, requirements flow from the stakeholders to the product, segment, sub segment, and eventually to hardware or software component levels. Collect and analyze measurement data as planned, conduct additional analysis as necessary, review results with relevant stakeholders, and refine measurement criteria for future analysis. Establish and maintain a strategy for technical baseline management. Specific Goals SG A ari goal describes the unique characteristics that must be present to satisfy the goal.

CMG1P2 Establish and maintain plans for managing the configuration of the product. Conduct analysis to identify trends and process improvement opportunities. RMG1P2 Define the parameters used to analyze and categorize risks, and the parameters used to control the risk management effort Description: Audit configuration management activities and processes to confirm that the resulting baselines and documentation are accurate, and record the audit results as appropriate.

Page 11 Share Cite. As with self assessors, validation assessors may use the tool provided in the AF SEAM Tool Suite or one that is made available through the Center organization to which they are assigned. For tool to be employed successfully, it relies upon the candor of process participants in an environment of leadership support to improve the process. Approach audits as a series of rolling reviews in which items are progressively audited.

Establish and maintain a documented description of the process. Define roles and responsibilities of the user, acquirer, suppliers, testers and enablers for the life-cycle of the product. Monitor reliability, maintainability, supportability data, as well as that for the other Integrated Logistics Support areas. Product integration is achieved through progressive assembly of product components, in one stage or in incremental stages, according to a defined integration sequence and procedures.

ASTM G50 - 10 PDF Afii provisions to ensure that manufacturing personnel influence the design process to ensure the final configuration is capable of being economically produced at the desired rates and with adequate quality. This typically includes periodic and event driven technical interchange meetings, and periodic status reports. Examples of the references used include the following: Procedures for the integration of the product-components can include such things as details of the expected tests and other evaluations to be carried out at each stage.

Describe all production-related activities that must be accomplished to ensure a smooth transition from development to rate production. A key element of parts control is an established corporate policy which ensures that certain steps are taken to control part quality both electrical and mechanicalindependent of government contract requirements.

The successful implementation of proven, disciplined systems engineering processes results in a total capability solution that is: Evaluate and accept the supplier products. Document the interaction of the product-components with the environment, other systems, and end users including modes and operating states for a particular component or set of components. Identify and monitor requirements for system disposal or migration to term storage. Accordingly, the model itself must undergo CPI in order to remain current and relevant.

Evaluate and recommend optimal acquisition type e. Consider requirements for test equipment, test software, or other integration items such as fixtures. Consider the full collection of contracts within a project context so that an integrated approach results, rather than dealing with activities individually.

Establish and maintain a disciplined process for handling of safety critical items, including identification of established technical authorities, quality assurance, and qualified manufacturers. Whenever possible, the team lead will personally conduct this training. Validation Assessment Phase — D The validation assessment phase begins with aafi team meeting during which the team leader reviews the information prepared in paragraph 4.

Subsequent directives from the Secretary of the Air Force the Air Force chief of staff gave very specific instructions for upgrading and managing the acquisition workforce. Include software engineering representation on the ati review board if applicable. Looking for other ways to read this? Identify and assess potential requirements or constraints that may evolve from treaty, statutory, or regulatory considerations.

Corrective action should be determined in sufficient time to properly resolve the issue. The Verification and Validation process area can best be described by the following goals and practices.

The products should be selected based on which are the best Version September 68 Version September predictors of how well the delivered end product and product components will satisfy user needs. Stakeholders should participate in Provisioning Conferences and associated planning to ensure appropriate sustainment support will be afu and timely. In most the description defines the minimal activity required to successfully meet the practice.

Version September 72 Version September Description: Allocate requirements, in correlation with the top level architecture, to product segments or components. Product verification activities are routinely conducted throughout the entire contract performance period, and results are analyzed to determine acceptability of the products. Ensure the manufacturing processes and procedures adhere to the approved afo s to provide a uniform, quality product with consistent performance.

Generic practices improve the power of a process by ensuring that the specific practices are executed and that there is appropriate planning of the process to ensure that it is feasible and well supported and that stakeholders are properly involved.

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AFI 63-501

Dorn Ensure that relevant stakeholders are involved early in the acquisition planning processes by explicitly identifying responsibility for support and enhancements. A generic practice is the description of an activity which is considered important to facilitate successful achievement of the specific practices and process area goals associated with an overarching process area. At the outset, leadership may also direct that the self- assessment be followed by a validation assessment, or may choose to wait until the results adi the self-assessment are known 4. Recording the parameters used to analyze and categorize risks allows the risks to be easily re-categorized and analyzed relative to the original information when changes occur. Sustainment is the planning, programming, and executing of a support strategy.


AFI 63-501 PDF

Douk Both hardware and software need to be considered in the specification of functional, performance, and interface requirements. DG2 Develop and document a detailed design and implementation strategy DG2P1 Establish initial product-component designs and development strategies Description: As each afl of the product is defined, there is an iterative process of allocation, high-level design, and requirements definition for the next-lower level. Define the attributes e. Require independent review i. The Configuration Management process area can be described by the following goals and practices. Stakeholders should participate in Provisioning Conferences and associated planning to ensure appropriate sustainment support will be available and timely.


Malam Select the configuration items and work products that define them. Schedules may be event driven. Perform industrial base analysis for critical products and product-components. It addresses each of the key factors that provided a basis for the selection of the solution e. The acquirer has a dual role: The Design process area focuses on product design, initial implementation and integration. Establish and maintain manufacturing processes. MG3 Manufacture the product in accordance with plans and specifications MG3P1 Ensure that production at desired rates is conducted according to the plan Description: The manufacturing strategy should be based on an assessment of current manufacturing capabilities and a realistic plan for development of any required new capabilities.


Kijin The acquirer Version September 45 Version September is generally responsible for the higher levels, starting with operational requirements, and the suppliers are generally responsible for lower levels. Define key interfaces and critical information exchange requirements in accordance with applicable standards, and where not directed, in accordance with accepted standards to the extent practical. CMG3P2 Perform configuration audits to maintain of the configuration baselines Description: Ensure that each product-component required to assemble the product has been properly identified, functions according to its description, and that the product-component interfaces comply with the applicable interface definition. Use modeling, analysis, and verification techniques to the maximum extent feasible.

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