When you receive an internal call, your telephone rings and you are connected directly in hands free mode. Calling from your personal directory PersSpDial programmed line key. Page Adjust Audio Volume Adjust audio volume 2. Page Sharing Sharing Other Answering the general bell Ni g ht servi c e call pi c k up When the operator is absent, outside calls to the operator are indicated by a general bell. Group No.

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Aesthetically, and feature wise, it is very similar to the larger Alcatel phone. There are only a few minor differences: the screen is smaller, it only has 6 function keys versus 10 and the LCD display is black and white not 4 levels of grey.

In terms of colour choice the Alcatel Luucent phone comes in both urban grey and arctic white options. The phone is undoubtedly the most popular IP phone Alcatel makes given its rich feature set and cheaper price point over the larger Alcatel Like many modern phones the phone is predominately screen driven.

Here everything is displayed on the medium sized screen and accessed by the 6 feature keys and 4 directional navigator in the middle of the phone. Even thought there are 6 buttons, the benefit of screen driven technology is that you can scroll down to see even more than you could on a tradition phone handset 40 programmable options in total. In the event that you need to see more than 40 staff you can attach extra DSS consoles to the side of the handset.

They have another 40 buttons and you can connect up to 3 extra consoles to provide buttons in total on the Alcatel phone. The only reason to get the phone is if you like to see more items instantaneously on the larger screen 10 per screen. Either way, you can program the order the 40 programmable features appear and customise it on a staff by staff basis to make their options more relevant for daily use.

One of the best and most appreciated features of the Alcatel phone is the large QWERTY keyboard that sits at the base of the handset. Simply enter the name and all the correct options appear on screen. The same keyboard also allows staff to send internal messaging if you wish to activate that feature.

One of the best features of the , and all Alcatel handsets for that matter, is the way the handset is laid out. All the most frequently used functions hold, transfer, mute, speaker phone etc have been colour coded. Also they are larger in size the more popular the function. For staff that are used to traditional style key telephone handsets the Alcatel phone, and the entire premium Alcatel digital and IP handsets, are very different.

This is both a pro as well as a con. With screen driven phones you can see much more however you have to scroll down the screen in order to do so. With traditional phones you simply had buttons with flashing LED lights and were then limited by the number of buttons on the specific model. The basic and phone do but they only offer a total of 6 LED buttons. The Alcatel is a very good handset however you need to understand this key point of differentiation.

Other manufacturers have addressed this customer disconnect by offering both types of options to customers. Another drawback of the is that the 6 soft keys are not LED. For users that are used to seeing flashing multi colour LED lights this may take a little getting used to. While these may be seen as shortcomings for some users they are seen as very positive by others. Like all IP handsets, the Alcatel phone connects to an Ethernet cable.

This makes moves with IP handsets much easier than digital where the system needs to be reprogrammed. On the back of the handset is a 2nd Ethernet port so you can choose to run your computer thought the handset or have a separate Ethernet connection. The uses POE class 2 for power consumption. In a normal office rollout you can save a lot of money by mixing and matching IP and digital handsets to cater to exactly what staff need.

While there are numerous benefits in IP for the right company, the IP handset costs are always higher. For more info about digital handsets check out the Alcatel , Alcatel or Alcatel models.

The Alcatel phone comes with a month Alcatel warranty as well as our exclusive free phone support for the life of your Alcatel Omni PCX phone system. Obviously the free phone support offer is only available to Infiniti customers.

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