In , his mother, Hanko, reportedly a woman of extraordinary character, thereupon herself formed and led a brigand band, and studied to inspire the boy with her own fierce and indomitable temper, with a view to revenge and the recovery of their lost wealth. Ali collected a few followers from among the retainers of his father, made himself master, first of one village, then of another, amassed money, increased his power, and at last found himself at the head of a considerable body of Albanians". In he married the daughter of the wealthy Pasha of Delvina , with whom he entered into an alliance. In he was awarded the pashaluk of Trikala in reward for his services at Banat during the Austro-Turkish War — In he seized control of Ioannina and enlisted most of the Brigands under his own banner. Ioannina would be his power base for the next 33 years.

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His mother, Khamco, formed a brigand band to restore the political and material fortunes of the family, and Ali became a notorious brigand leader. After service with the pasha of Negroponte Euboea , he joined the wealthy pasha of Delvino, whose daughter he married in Becoming lieutenant to the derbend-pasha of Rumelia , he policed the highroads, enriched himself, and sent presents to Constantinople.

At length he was rewarded with the pashalik of Trikkala and, after a series of murders and intrigues, obtained that of Janina. His son Veli took over Trikkala and later the Morea, while another son, Mukhtar, became pasha of Lepanto.

Though constantly thwarted by the Christian Souliots, whom he finally subdued in , Ali obtained control of the Gulf of Arta and took the ports of Butrinto, Preveza, and Vonitsa.

All this time, by murders and extortions, he increased his wealth and, by intriguing with Greeks and Albanians, extended his authority over beys and townships. Though appointed viceroy of Rumelia, he repeatedly failed to carry out the orders of the Ottoman sultan, to whom he sent plausible excuses and many presents.

Indeed, he acted as an independent sovereign and was treated as such by the British and French, with whom he intrigued, hoping to establish Janina as a sea power. By the sultan, Mahmud II , who intended to centralize the government of his empire, was determined to remove Ali and sanctioned his assassination. Ali tried to save himself by his old methods of murder, intrigue, and extortion but, deserted by his sons and allies, was finally shot down.

His court was one of barbarous refinement, and even the liberated Greeks looked back upon him with some respect. Get exclusive access to content from our First Edition with your subscription. Subscribe today This article was most recently revised and updated by Amy Tikkanen , Corrections Manager. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:.


Ali Pasha of Ioannina

Del pari, piuttosto contraddittorie sono le notizie precise relative ai suoi primi anni da uomo. Tra il ed il prob. Un nutrito contingente di giannizzeri albanesi era al diretto comando del Leone [16]. Le prime mosse politiche di Tepeleni furono volte al consolidamento del dominio da poco acquisito. Dovette allora contentarsi di occupare Arta e Himara Sterminati ed espulsi, i Sulioti superstiti si rifugiarono nelle Isole Jonie.


The Castle of Ali Pashe Tepelena


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