Early life[ edit ] Born in Singapore , where his father was a rubber planter for Sime Darby , Massie spent his childhood in Aberdeenshire. He was educated at Drumtochty Castle preparatory school and Glenalmond College in Perthshire before going on to attend Trinity College, Cambridge where he read history. He has also written for the New York Review of Books. His conservative political outlook is apparent, despite the then decline of Conservative influence in Scotland. He was a leading, if lonely, campaigner against Scottish devolution , and a critic of much of the legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament since its establishment in Though initially in favour of greater devolutionary powers for Scotland, his views on devolution changed during the Thatcher years and he came to regret his support for the devolution referendum.

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Aug 04, Brent Morrison rated it liked it I love historical fiction, and this character is one who is usually portrayed in quite one dimensional fashion. Still, he is simply such a spoiled, self centered sociopath that the narrator character got on my nerves many times with his apologist inner speeches.

Agrippina, his sister, was an especially disgusting example of Roman degeneracy and immorality. Makes a person wonder just how so many despicable people have managed to gain power, and then retain it for even a small amount of time.

Shows just how much sheeple are capable of enduring before they eventually decide enough is enough? This at least seemed to have a bit of historical accuracy. But then knowing what history really is, who can say.

In this one the author tackles the maddest Emperor of them all and offers some interesting insights into the man and his brief reign. A beautifully crafted book by an extraordinarily versatile writer. Highly recommended! May 04, Deb rated it really liked it Alan Massie has a very engaging way of writing history. In this book he attempts to be sympathetic to Caligula, from teh perspective of someone who was close to him.

That person is never clearly identified, although I tried to guess if it was a real historical figure but never felt satisfied. And this is not explained in the book. If the man was not insane, he was at least sociopathic. Lots of details were avoided in order to explain Caligula more symptathetically. Still a good read.

Dec 17, Ilana rated it did not like it I did not realize what was the purpose of writing this book, after all





Calígula – Allan Massie


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