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It requires a lot of effort if we tried to wash the moss and dirt off the wall and pavement by using a brush and a water hose. You can scrub the dirt off the certain places and you wash them away with water but sometimes the dirt just accumulate somewhere before you could wash them away into the drain.

If this dirt is not wash away, they will stick to their new ground and you found out that in the end you may still have to scrub the remaining dirt off again. Sometimes, the dirt just too stubborn to get off from the surface and I have to put extra effort in it. This means that I can only scrub a small area after spending long hours of work in it.

This is where the high pressure cleaner come into place to provide a solution for my family to these problems. This cleaner is compact, easy to use and it helps me to clean a large area of moss and dirt with minimum effort.

It has 4 interchangeable nozzles to enable me to wash my car and do other light cleaning jobs like cleaning large containers and dustbins. It has two grooves at its side for you to put wires and the long hose respectively. After using the pressure cleaner for so many times, I found out that the cleaner is quiet when not in use.

This means that the automatic motor will not pump water when you do not press the washing gun. This can really save a lot of water for me. The cleaner can wash a large surface area in a short time. Normally, the concrete surface will be clean after you apply washing nozzle for one or two times.

I have to buy special adaptor for my tap so that I can fit the pressure cleaner hose to the tap. After 1 year of usage without changing any nozzle, I found that it is difficult to separate my washing nozzle from the gun. I do not know why this happens. Since the pressure used is quite low, I do not have to use a pair of goggles to protect my eye from flying debris if I correctly orientate the gun.

The plastic tyre at the bottom of the cleaner is not useful when moving on soil because I found out that it is quite difficult to move the cleaner in my garden over the soil.

I also wish that the cleaner 17 kg will be light enough for me to carry around to clean my roof top. The concrete pavement after being washed with this cleaner looked as if it is newly paved!


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Bosch Pressure Jet Aquatak 1200 Plus


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