Products with a "Backorder" status can be backordered, this way the current price is guaranteed and we prioritise the restocking process. The estimated time of restocking is 10 to 30 business days. Once your order is complete, your products will be shipped. Once again, terror has come to New England, this time spreading to the small country town of Dunwich, just a few miles from Arkham. The area is filled with rolling hills, many of which are topped with mysterious stone circles or the ramshackle houses of the recluses who live outside of town.

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This expansion is centered on the small town of Dunwich and the mysterious happenings at the Whateley Farm just outside the town. The investigators must put a stop to the malicious spells of the wizards at Whately Farm and prevent the Dunwich Horror from manifesting itself in this world if they are to have a chance at defeating the GOO.

There is a mounted board, thick cardboard playing pieces, cardstock character sheets and fairly durable cards. The artwork on the board, character sheets and cards is very good and further enriches the theme.

The rulebook is 12 pages and includes examples of play and makes a few rules clarifications. No complaints about the components. DH is a big box expansion for Arkham Horror so it contains a lot of goodies. As mentioned above, there is a small game board which depicts the Town of Dunwich and its many locations for investigators to explore. This expansion includes several new investigators, GOOs, and additional Mythos, Gate, Common item, Unique item and Spell cards to beef up their respective decks.

There are also more monsters, some new and more base game monsters. The new board is placed adjacent to the base game board. The new Mythos, Gate, Spell and item cards are shuffled into their respective base game deck. The additional monsters are tossed into the monster cup. Notable new mechanics include gate bursts, Injury and Madness cards, vortexes, retiring investigators, and traveling. Most of the new mechanics make the game more challenging and also increase game length.

There are three vortexes shown on the DH expansion board. When monsters move onto these vortexes they are returned to the monster cup and a token is added to the Dunwich Horror Track. If there are three tokens on this track, then the Dunwich Horror is summoned. Believe me this is one nasty monster that is tough to kill and brings about all kinds of horrible things upon Arkham and the investigators!

Players feel pressured to control the monsters on the DH board or face a monster that will likely take considerable resources to destroy and hasten their confrontation with the GOO. The Injury and Madness cards introduce the largest change in game mechanics. The Injury and Madness cards depict a wound or condition the investigator suffered as a result of the trauma. This mechanic gives the investigator a slight hindrance, but allows the investigator to continue working towards the demise of the GOO without the need to build back up.

If an investigator accumulates many injuries and he is not effective anymore, then the player can retire the investigator. This simply means that the player discards the beat up character and draws a new one.

A gate location highlighted in red on the Mythos card depicts a gate burst. During the Mythos Phase of the turn a Mythos card is drawn to determine where a gate opens.

Normally, if the location indicated is sealed by an elder sign token then no gate opens. However, with gate bursts, if the location is highlighted in red then any elder sign seal at the location is burst and a gate opens at that previously safe location. Just when you thought the location was made stable and safe by the elder sign, along comes a gate burst!

Dunwich is a small town some distance away from Arkham. Investigators need to travel between the two towns. An investigator can take the train back to Arkham in the same way. This expansion packs a lot in the box and adds some mechanics which freshen up the base game nicely as well as increase the challenge. However, the new mechanics add some fiddliness and game time to an already long fiddly game.

The best part of this expansion is the Injury and Madness cards. This mechanic is truly a great addition to the game. Most players, including myself, suggest using this mechanic above all others when talking to new players.

These cards can cut down on the game length by saving a player from limping along with an investigator who has no weapons, spells and clue tokens. It is not fun sitting on the sidelines trying to build up your investigator while other players are killing monsters, closing gates and doing other stuff. Taking one or two injuries lets a player continue to make contributions to the demise of the GOO and have fun.

On the other hand, if this mechanic is abused and your investigator becomes bogged down with too many injuries, then the game can become more fiddly and longer, which is not fun.

When I first read about gate bursts I thought it would be a cool mechanic for the game. Many players contend that gate bursts are a great way to increase the difficulty of the game. That is true to some extent but I do not believe it is worth the price players pay for increased game length.

Needing to seal seven or eight gates to win makes the game much longer and it can drag sometimes. There are numerous ways to increase the difficulty of this game without significantly increasing the game length.

I love it when the Dunwich Horror makes an appearance! Unfortunately fighting the Dunwich Horror is a distraction from the goal of the game and is usually a considerable drain on resources. This means game length can be significantly increased.

The Dunwich Horror expansion contains some nice new GOOs to battle and fun new investigators to play. The Dunwich locations and Other Worlds also provide some interesting new encounters. And of course there is a bunch of great new useful items and spells too. The expansion is worth obtaining for this stuff in itself. The biggest complaint with this expansion is that the DH board is not busy enough.

Sometimes there is very little activity on this board and therefore no reason for the investigators to visit it. This can be alleviated somewhat by using the base game without any other expansions except DH or by placing the DH expansion cards on top of their respective deck similar to the Touring Mode in the King In Yellow expansion.

The Dunwich Horror big box expansion is a must for Arkham Horror fans! This expansion includes a new board, some fun new material and introduces some great new mechanics too.

I highly recommend the Dunwich Horror expansion.


Arkham Horror: Dunwich Horror (Exp.)

Once again, terror has come to New England, this time spreading to the small country town of Dunwich, just a few miles from Arkham. The area is filled with rolling hills, many of which are topped with mysterious stone circles or the ramshackle houses of the recluses who live outside of town. At night, the piping of the whippoorwills fills the air, while lightning bugs dance in the witch-haunted hallows. This is a place where dark pacts with unknown forces are made, and where city folk go to disappear without a trace. But however much the people of Dunwich may distrust outsiders, they desperately need your help against the Horror that has manifested on the Whateley farm





LBN 221-98 PDF


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