Plot summary[ edit ] Sixteen-year-old Anamika Sharma is a bright young student aware of her privileged position within Indian society. Head Prefect at her school, she aspires to graduate with excellent grades so as to be able to go on to college in the United States to study physics. The novel is set against the backdrop of the protests against the recommendations of the Mandal commission , which trigger several acts of self-immolation. In particular, classes are suspended for weeks on end, and Anamika finds more time than usual to pursue her private interests. She spends much of her time with Tripta Adhikari, a free-thinking divorced lady about twice her age whom she calls "India".

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Aug 29, Jagriti rated it did not like it Half a star!! So the protagonist is a physics Half a star!! So the protagonist is a physics enthusiast! I wish the writer had done her research, and not annoyingly poetized physics; like not allegor-ized physics with how we feel! Who talks like that?

How the FUCK did this win an award for best lesbian fiction Fully judging all the pretentious intellectual fucks who put this on their listicles. Starting out with short sentences, it slowly evolved into something with an easier flow and steadier sentence structure as the main character came to terms with her changing perceptions. Throughout the book, she seems undecided as to how achieve her goals, stating only that she has every intention of making money to become independent, but having no set path to follow.

The narrative seems fixed on this even as her sexuality is explored, each love affair bringing to the surface a different need that the protagonist tries to understand by the laws of physics. Spirituality is also touched on in this book, reducing it to atoms and protons in a way that a teenager trying to make sense of everything would understand.

The caste system, the way India works with connections like a web, how each thought is joined by another is what manages to weave the story together- unlike most books, this one focuses on the desire to gain knowledge about people in general, and how each person can either hinder or help the protagonist to move forward in both sexual and career education.

Although steeped in lust, the book does not dwindle on sex, but rather the meanings behind it, and how love can shift and shape within different moments. The ending leaves you grappling for more, however, trying to piece things together by yourself after wondering whether that was really the end.

Perhaps the abrupt ending lent to the narrative of the book, but it did nothing to answer a few unanswered questions that still lingered regardless. A good read for those who would not mind bouncing along with the protagonist as she tries to answer the questions of life through mathematics and physics.


Abha Dawesar



Babyji : a novel


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