Gorr Transparent colored plastic lets you color coordinate your ignition system. Chromoly retainers with hardened locks. A bugpak crank at a great price. Precision machined featuring a swirl polish on the head. The detent plugs must be removed when the shift selector forks require attention and new detent plugs installed. Online catalog and ordering; request a printed catalog from there website.

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Effective design allows for exhaust scavenging over the transaxle to rear of car. The stroker rods have the added work of clearancing machining needed for longer stroke cranks. Ideal for the economy minded enthusiast. Mid-mount and rear mounts available seperately. Each cylinder is extra thick for strength. We were already offering cataloy stand, now we are offering the strap. Made of billet, not cast!

Complete with hardware inluding copper lock nuts. Offered in a variety of colors, these boots are molded from high grade copolymer vinyl that better withstands temperature extremes. Works like a charm! Available in lb. Bug Pack Catalog Offers gugpack support to eliminate pedestal failure. You just cant afford to depend on stock parts when the going gets rough. Used by professionals as the surefire way to keep plug and coil wires from shorting due to moisture exposure.

Provides excellent seat surface for high pressure springs by preventing cutting into the heads. Mesa-Cools multiple-flow path improves oil flow at less pressure loss, so oil is cooled faster, without losing vital high pressure. Post on Nov 1. Special 12mm Head x 8mm Nut Set, 12 Pc. Kits feature ample length of hose plus all the color anodized fittings, couplings and Ts needed to complete all popular applications.

The smart way to dress up your stock carbed engine. Allows use of 2 bolt nose cone on a 3 bolt late model style transmission on the T-1 model and 68 up to Vanagon on the Type 2.

Kit is supplied with our heavy duty valve springs, chromoly retainers, and hardened valve keepers. Valve cover designed for high lift rocker assemblies and optimum clearance with ease of installation using specially designed bugpac, cover clips. Engines under H.

Increased cooling thru finned cast aluminum design insures longer engine life. These highly polished stainless steel covers add a touch catalgo class. Hubs are designed for mounting several styles of race pulleys with 6 allen bolts supplied for the ultimate strength pulley combo!

These are the answer for that dialed-in deck height! Clamps to shroud lip for easy installation. Acomplete range of main and air jets are included in the twelve sizes.

Allows oil to reenter block immediately. Mounting hardware kit is available separately. Additionally, all mufflers come with an aircraft type clamp and complete hardware to properly install the muffler onto our header systems. By allowing the axle to wrap up like a torsion bar, the shock load to the transmission final drive is reduced. This kit is a must have addition to all out race machines.

Requires less HP to drive than stock gear. Fits OEM cataalog and aftermarket doghouse bugpadk shrouds only! Really dresses up the car and gives it real custom look. Made of same filter material as our gauze air filters. Replacement jets for Jet Kit are also available, be sure to specify size. OurBreathersystemincorporates these vents into the kit. A must use item when barbed fitting are included in the application. Engine block must be machined for cam plug groove.

Finned for heat dissipation, these covers include everything necessary to complete the installation and are polished for a great appearance. At all times we will try to provide the least amount of cut bugack the cores available will allow.

Thesearenecessarywhenreplacing heater boxes on all Type 1 style engine assemblies. Color match your color scheme. Specializing in Super Beetle suspension and brake components. Merged exhausts feature hand cut and fitted longer collectors for ultimate power. A must with any hi-lift cam. TOP Related.


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Effective design allows for exhaust scavenging over the transaxle to rear of car. The stroker rods have the added work of clearancing machining needed for longer stroke cranks. Ideal for the economy minded enthusiast. Mid-mount and rear mounts available seperately.


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Yogore Also features Chromoly steel shafts. Panels can be modified by you for fitting custom speaker applications if you desire. However, we do understand that you may have some installation concerns, so be assured Fits without modification in any street car. Youmustuseagenerator not an alternator to properly clear the manifold. Works great on standard width motors as well! The embossed plates increase the area of cooling surface as well catallg cross currents of air flow for maximum cooling.



You can order products from thier catalog online by manually filling out an online form. Imported from Mexico and Brazil. Bug Pack Catalog Uniquedesign incorporates hidden wire channel for ultra clean installation. The switch is all heavy duty construction for long life. Since the introduction of our new 5 hole design or our Billet pullies we include the unit which is slightly smaller diameter than our previous versions. Comes complete with balance tubing, caatalog, studs, and gaskets. Cataalog installed and replaced, kit includes two caps and hardware.

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