Shelves: owned , physical I read this book as part of my personal development goals at work. Much of the value of this book is working through the exercises throughout, so if you are really interested in the material, you should read it for yourself. My full summary, including a description of all the blocks Adams describes and how to avoid them can be found here. Adams motivation in writing this book is to introduce people to ways to improve their idea generating ability. Adams makes the claim that having good ideas does I read this book as part of my personal development goals at work. Adams makes the claim that having good ideas does not require genius although that does not hurt.

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While Adams believes that conventional thinking appropriately solves many problems, he provides the tools to allow people to thinking creatively as well. This allows you to approach any situation and come up with the best idea or best answer. Emotional Blocks — Emotional Blocks interfere with the ability to explore and manipulate ideas.

Cultural and Environmental Blocks — Cultural blocks slow creativity because if you act and think outside cultural bounds, you risk exclusion from the group that shares the culture. Intellectual and Expressive Blocks — Intellectual blocks result in an inefficient choice of mental tactics.

Expressive blocks result in difficulties communicating thoughts and ideas. Examples include: Solving the problem using an incorrect language verbal, mathematical, visual Inflexible use of intellectual problem-solving strategies Lack of, or incorrect, information Inadequate language skill to express and record ideas verbally, musically, visually, etc.

Thought: Have any of these blocks held you back from sharing an idea or solution that you came up with? Now that you are aware of these, you can notice when one is holding you back and eventually overcome it. Kinds of Blockbusters — The most important methods for breaking these internal blocks are having a questioning attitude and working on the right problem. The questioning attitude is important because a majority of knowledge comes from observation and questioning.

A questioning attitude also forces you to not accept the status quo, further forcing you to innovate and see needs and problems.

Do you work on the most recent problem or easiest to solve problem that you have or on core problems that will eliminate additional problems when solved?

Working on the right problem allows you to focus your creative energy and fix multiple problems in a single stroke. Write down your problems. Everything having to do with your profession, co-workers, boss, etc. Material Goods includes those having to do with your house, apartment, physical possessions, economic situation, and so on. Loved Ones has to do with family problems. When you run out of space, add more paper at the bottom and keep going. When you run out of things to write down, draw arrows between all of the problems showing which is caused by others.

All problems must have at least one arrow in there is a cause for everything or one out your problems are at least making you unhappy. Are you working on the core problems lots of arrows out or the symptoms lots of arrows in? Can you identify solvable core problems that would make many others on the sheet disappear?

If you are convinced, pick a core problem or two and focus on them until they are solved. And then work on a couple more. Keep your sheet on the wall and watch your problems disappear! I believe the people would judge me for not knowing. However, in order to build a questioning attitude, I have been asking questions with people that I trust would not judge me.

Practical Applications: Ask questions. Diagnose your problems. Following the exercise provided, can you find core problems? Stop working on symptoms and work on the core issues.

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Conceptual Blockbusting: A Guide to Better Ideas

Lapp Memory, by Larry R. Adams Oct 24, Jamal Burgess rated it liked it. I like the book. Many psychologists believe that children are more creative than adults only because adults are more aware of the practical constraints Chapter 5: To familiarize yourself with a tool, you may experiment with it, test it in different situations, and evaluate its usefulness. Nov 18, Nikish Chanekar rated it it was amazing. Here, I will make an observation, and illustrate it by an allegory.







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