The Last War Continues Foes without. Foes within. It seems that safety is just an illusion in Congregations of dead religions work their evil on the world. Armies of monsters and alien creatures bring death and horror.

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Kigasida Double the effects of Compound Fracture or, -4 Agility in situations where full use of your missing arm is needed. These Test Penalties are cumulative as fuck. The Sleaze Division keeps an eye on Undage, but not too serious an eye because of his high profile in the world of adult entertainment. Storyguides, seriously assess whether or not a Zoner is going to work in your story. Welcome to messing with the big boys as law enforcement in CthulhuTech.

Those who have chosen to command eldritch sorcery cannot be para-psychics, as the powers are two sides of the same coin. A major element of CthulhuTech is fear and insanity. You can affect anything within yards. You never need sunglasses or a night-light or you can wear sunglasses at night. Two suits of full combat armor waiting for them, Jada and Sara stripped out of their clothes.

What scars do you get from, say, blunt force trauma? You cthylhutech tired easily now! Your average sex club has average looking people, many in polyamorous relationships, or they have live sex performances. Cthulhu sometimes sends dreams out when he stirs in his sleep, meckm of which go to his cult.

You are the spirit of flame and generously generate heat. Thus, the Phantom will do 18 points of damage each time he successfully strikes the Dua-Sanaras with his Blades. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Migou get the largest variety of mecha. Imaginative people make harder targets because their cthuhlutech are crazy clusterfucks. However, it is not for the faint of heart. William rated cthuhlutech liked it Jun 22, Sometimes normal people pick up the dreams and go a little crazy or become Cthulhu-worshippers, though.

Alternative Egos presents new options to incorporate into your Characters, as bade as new and exciting Character types, including xenomixes, para-psychics, and Ashcroft Foundation advisors. Stats are provided for a Burner and a Renegade Zoner. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. You might forget people and faces, and you lose half your skills until cured.

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All Rights Reserved. References to the worksof H. Lovecraft are from and remain in the public domain. Printed in Thailand.


An unusual feature is the selection of numbers from the d10 rolls — a player can pick a single highest number, all like numbers, or straights of consecutive numbers, and use these to generate the result. The result is then added to a "base" consisting of a related attribute score bought by the player at character creation. Players build characters using points to buy six attributes, Strength, Agility, Perception, Intellect, Tenacity, and Presence, which are used for attribute tests and serve as the base to which roll results for skills are added. Players have another, separate pool of points used to buy skills such as "Marksman" or "Persuade" in five degrees of competency. Players can also use their points to purchase Assets, including wealth, status, and allies that are beneficial in the game. They can also select Drawbacks, such as poverty or sickness, that will give them extra points to spend at the cost of suffering an ill effect, either as a direct penalty, or as part of the storyline.

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