Scholars, well versed in Horary Astrology declare that vlalabha the time when the lord of the 7th house from the ascendant of query becomes retrograde, the person in exile returns. As always, I can count on Exotic India to find vallahha not found in stores in my area. If A ries, Leo or Scorpio rises as ascendant and the same is conjoined with or aspected by M ars or the Sun, the query relates to some mineral. Star Force on Human Life.

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In Prasna Marga the learned author has asked the astrologer to pay special attention to some things and out of those things the omens are one that have to be given special consideration.

It may be stated here that the omens are not more general indications but are quite a comprehensive aid to divination. They indicate the directions also. The only thing is that the astrologer should be able to understand and interpret their correct meaning. For a detailed study about the omens the readers are advised to refer to Brihat Samhita where the sage has classified the omens, and has also said which of the omens should be attended to and which ignored.

If the said places are occupied by malefics, it decays. NOTES : There are some additional rules mentioned in other works which are noteworthy in this connection: 1 The house wherein a planet is in debilitation or inimical quarters decays. The houses 6, 8 and 12 are generally regarded as inauspicious and their lords as damaging the prospects of the houses occupied by them.

As these houses are counted from the lagna they may be inauspicious or harmful in respect of the affairs of lagna like the health, accidents and death etc. They maybe auspicious and helpful in the promotion of the affair of some other house or houses.

The 8th house is 11th house counted from the 10th house. It shall therefore be helpful in the advancement of career etc. The 5th house is considered to be the most auspicious house. The same is not so if we are interested to know the gain or losses of the enemy because it is 11th to the 7th house, the house indicating the interest of the enemy.

In fact the house should be reckoned from the house under judgement. This fact has been clearly stated by the Daivajna in slokas 17and 18 of this verychapter. It is a fact that neither all the planets signify the affairs of a particular house nor their exaltations etc.

Fulfilment of the objects of the affairs of any house is a complicated affair; It does not depend upon anyone of the planets. Sometimes the planet appears to be giving good results but ultimately it is realised that the same was tainted with equal amount of evil. Here is a case that shall prove the point. The native has no child Fifth house needs examination. The house is unoccupied. It has no evil aspect. Its lord Mars occupies kendra, not a bad position but he does not aspect his own house.

Jupiter the karaka for childern occupies his own house. Being the "ord of kendra does not make him a functional malefic because he occupies the house. Despite this the native remains childless. Neither the lord of the house benefitted the native nore benefic Jupiter showered his grace. For reasons we have to go elsewhere. Here is another case. The native is unmarried.

The lagna and lagnesh 22 Daivajnavallabha are vargottam. Mercury the 11th lord is exalted. Jupiter is exalted in the 9th house.

Venus the 7th lord as well as the kalatra karaka is also not very badly placed. From these the results of the querries have to be judged. Body, form, longevity etc.

The first house has been termed as the house of the wife of the son of the sister because, the house of the sister is the 3rd, her progeny is 5th Le. Good and Bad Results 23 Manikya ruby , pearl, gem, metallic ores, articles, dress, gold, house, silver, grains, transactions, buying and selling- All these are to be judged from the 2nd house in general. I I I Daughter-in-law, younger brother, welfare, intellect, gains, servants, servant maids, valorous actions and things relating to brother - All these are to be judged fromthe third house.

NOTES : Short travels, victory in debates, efforts and eating habits are also to be judged from this house. Although normally the "wife of the son" is considered from the 11th house as the house is 7th wife of 5th son.

III health, bad state, enemies, servants, cruel deeds, heavy actions, witchcraft applied by enemies with an intention of killing enemies, doubts, wars, uncle, buffaloes, diseases, etc.

I Sacred study of books, intention in vedic temples, travels to holy places, love, coronation of kings, preceptor, meritorious deeds, reservoirs of water wells, ponds, lakes etc.

Cf i SI.


Daivajna Vallabha - By Varaha Mihira

Felar The astrologer, who proclaims good vzllabha bad results after a deep consideration of the ten Avasthas states of planets and the results arising from the different houses, never goes wrong. If the Saturn or Mercury is strong, the query relates to vegetabes. If there is a human sign on the ascendant, all the results will be good. Item s unavailable for purchase. The Y avanacharya has declared that keeping the Sun, W ind, J upiter and V enus on the back side one wins his enemies and attains fame.


Daivajna Vallabha







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