As presetting is synchronous. Devices also available in Tape and Reel. The function of the counter whether enabled, dis. These counters are fully programmable; that is, the outputs.

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In the figure of the counter the available inputs and outputs are shown. This can be used to construct a counter with other lengths than Since the counter no longer restarts from zero it is now a modulo-X counter. Express X using the specified number number. Assume that the counters are clocked with the 2Hz clock. How should they be connected to get two output signals with the frequencies 1 and 0. Draw a schematic of the interconnection of the counters. Observe that the system should be synchronous, that means both counters should use the same clock.

Click to expand How do you solve these tasks? What does that do? What does LOAD mean? What does parallel LOAD mean? How can we from this express X using number? For the second task, to make a 2Hz counter to create output signals that are 1 and 0. There should be some delay that makes the first signal count only count once when the clock counts twice, and the second signal should only count once every 20th time the clock counts.

So I guess there must be some circuit that creates this delay. But what kind of circuit does that? Please help the best you can.


74LS163 counter

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