Book[ edit ] Densha Otoko originated from a fifty-seven-day online conversation, from March 14 to May 16, that included a total of 29, posts on 2channel was edited into a six-chapter story, each called "Missions" of 1, posts and made available on the Matome site. Kodansha released the manga on June 13, Right, and we will live happily ever after. The reaction of Miss Hermes when Trainman belatedly shows her the log of his postings about their private affairs was particularly unbelievable to me. Far from being hurt or angry, she is impressed by what good friends he has!

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Plot[ edit ] The plot follows the life of Yamada after a chance encounter with Saori, when he rescues her from a drunken man on the train. Relying on advice from users on a website, he is able to find the courage to change and eventually confess his feelings to Saori. The drama is filled with various dream sequences in which the characters use to portray their fantasies.

Yamada is a typical " otaku " who consults a local website for advice on how to win over Saori. He is very shy at the beginning of the series, often stuttering when talking with the opposite sex as well as to his superiors. In the beginning, he is willing to try to do away with his "otaku" side. Throughout the series, he is able to admit being an "otaku" to Saori and take pride in who he is. After being rescued by Yamada from a drunken man in the train, Saori sends Yamada teacups as a thank you gift.

After her father lied to her mother in the past, and recently coming out of a deceiving relationship, Saori cannot stand being lied to. Through the series she slowly develops feelings for Yamada. In this drama, she has a fondness for Benoist tea. In this drama, she is portrayed as a heart breaker leaving a lot of men in her wake. At the end of the series, she is able to convince Saori to give Yamada another chance.

He dated Jinkama for a while. He plans elaborate settings in an attempt to woo Saori, but is never able to show her, often getting interrupted at the last minute. At the end of the series, he falls for Jinkama. However their relationship is ended in the TV special when he confesses to Jinkama that he has lost his money. Has a very minor role in the drama but is expanded in the specials. Also known as Meganekko.

In turn, Takayuki Yamada who portrays Densha Otoko in the movie, appears in a brief cameo in the first episode of the TV series, as well as in a special episode. Miho Shiraishi had also a brief role in the movie, but as a different character. The Japanese Rock Band that played the ending credits, Sambomaster, also made a cameo in episode 11 where Densha had to go to the hospital where he believed that Saori has collapsed a lie by Kazuya.

Opening sequence[ edit ] The television series makes numerous references and homages to otaku culture. The opening animation is a homage to the legendary Daicon IV " Twilight " anime short , which was created by the founders of Gainax.

Also, the space ship in the first opening is similar to the logo of the band ELO , who composed Twilight. The opening sequence is also a homage of the opening for the cult-anime Galaxy Express —81, Toei Animation , in which a poor boy meets the very beautiful Maetel and travels through space on the train Galaxy Express , which embarks them into adventures.


Densha Otoko: (Train Man) - Volume 3



Densha Otoko: The Story of the Train Man Who Fell in Love with a Girl, Volume 1


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