Grant me … Dua al Ibaadah worship e. La Ilaaha Illallah We Must do both! The noblest act in the sight of Allah; best Ibaadah is Dua! We get angry if we keep asking someone for something however Allah gets angry if we stop asking him. The more you ask, the more you get. The more you give thanks the more Allah gives you.

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Grant me … Dua al Ibaadah worship e. La Ilaaha Illallah We Must do both! The noblest act in the sight of Allah; best Ibaadah is Dua! We get angry if we keep asking someone for something however Allah gets angry if we stop asking him.

The more you ask, the more you get. The more you give thanks the more Allah gives you. Dua saves you from the fire of Hell. Every single Dua is responded by in this world, or some evil is removed from him. Easiest act of worship- can be made in heart. Pre conditions of dua Have to have hope that it will be accepted. Expect the best from Allah. Out of desperate situation when you go to your parents you are sure they will help you, similarly you should expect the best from Allah SWA Sincerity even responded to Iblis, cause there was ikhlaas Must be persistence, not impatient.

Never give up your Dua! Can ask for an immediate response but be patient. For an extreme case raise them up higher and separate hands with armpits showing. When someone raises his hands to Allah, Allah feels shy to let those hands come back without giving him what he asks.

For normal dhikr or a small Dua you can just raise your forefinger as you do in Salaah. It is against the Sunna to raise your hands to make Dua during the Friday Khutba.

Face towards the Kiblah and make Dua. Make wudoo and then make Dua Optional Have humility and be soft. Allah does not like arrogance. Seek sympathy from Allah, not from the creation. Complain only to him — Very difficult to do. Dua very quietly, secretly — sign of Imaan that Allah can hear your Dua, sign of respect and means of achieving humbleness and sincerity. Allows you to concentrate, and shows closeness with Allah you get lost in your thoughts with Allah. Hide your good deeds as much as possible or people become envy with you and your relationship with Allah.

We do not donate publicly and we do not make Dua publicly. Recognize your sins, recognize that we have not fulfilled our rights to Allah and yet we are asking Allah for something because there is no one to ask but Allah so seek for forgiveness as well while making Dua.

Make Istikhaara and seek for guidance when deciding. Start making Dua for yourself and then others. When you seek forgiveness for all the believing men and women a good deed is written for each believing men and women! Make Dua frequently at all times, whether you need something or not. If you remember him at all times then when the time comes your Dua will be accepted.

Make Dua for all matters, small or big. Ask for more than you need for he is all generous. Acts that we should not do: Do not make Dua into poetry. Iblis only asked for life in the dunya — give me life. Do not improperly use the names and attributes of Allah. Do not make Dua against yourself and family — do not curse them, it may be responded.

Do not ask for death. Do not experiment with Dua; make it just to see if it gets accepted. Make Dua for yourself. Do not cry in public to make your Dua — you are showing off your deeds. There is no evidence of this done in the Quran and Sunna, therefore stay away.

Dua should be done quietly and they should be personal for ikhlaas purposes. If making a Dua together must also keep it short and to the point or the group will loose khushoor.

Do the Salaah together and make a short a Dua and the rest everyone can make on their own with khushoor. Recommended timings for Dua His mercy that certain time he has made more blessed. Last third of the night! During the Azaan.

When you are in Sajadah. You can make Dua in any language. At the end of Salaah. One hour on Friday. Before sunset? After performing wudu. Before drinking the Zamzam water.

Laylatul Qadr — ask for forgiveness. People at Hajj stand altogether tired and dirty form all around the globe and the angles bear witness and Allah says to forgive them all and grant them what they wish!

Subhan Allah! When it is raining — rain is the mercy of Allah. After reciting the Quran — Dua for their families be forgiven. Dua for a Muslim in his absence. The person that remembers Allah at all times your Dua is responded. Conditions — Dua has more of a chance Person in severe circumstances.

When other people have taken his right away. Allah cannot stand injustice! Before Iftaar — Shows ikhlaas. Concentrate on Dua instead of the food. Dua will not be rejected. Never stop making Dua for your parents even after their death. Parents lead you to Jannah- if they make a Dua for you or against you it will be accepted.

Good deeds are wings to raise up your Dua! So increase your charity and Salaah! Fulfill the right of your parents!!! Repent from your previous sins. Forbid evil and encourage good around you. Wisdom behind a Delayed Response The response may not be as how you see it. It is a great trial from Allah. These trials bring you closer to Allah.

The more Allah loves you the more he will test you to raise your rank up. Allah is more merciful to you than your own mother. We do not know the result of our Dua. What a slave of Allah hates is better for him for when he is in museebah he will make more Dua and remember Allah. If he had what he loved he would be too distracted by what he has loved to make more Dua. When his Dua is not responded, every person will stop and think about their relationship with Allah.

If every Dua were to be accepted the person would become too arrogant. A person in a trial forms a new relationship with Allah. His love for Allah grows and is afraid for that Dua to be even accepted for after he will have to give up his friendship with Allah.

The greatest treasure is the treasure of Imaan. It prolongs your fear and hope in Allah. And it increases your humbleness and patience. Combating the plot of Shaytaan. Shaytaan uses this opportunity to make you go astray.

You will not get everything you want, you are not God. My nation may not perish by drowning. We do not fight amongst ourselves. You are asking Allah what you want but are forgetting what Allah requires of you.

We want our duas to be accepted immediately but when time for our salaah comes we become lazy L Dua and its relationship with Qadr Question: everything is written for me so why should I make Dua?

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Book Review of Du’a: The Weapon of the Believer

Actual Weight 0. In the most comprehensive work yet written in English on this topic, the author discusses, amongst other matters: The excellence and benefits of the dua The types of dua The pre-conditions that are needed in order for a dua to be accepted The recommended etiquette of performing dua The timings and situations in which the dua is more likely to be answered The various factors that aid or prevent a dua from being accepted The relationship of dua with the Divine Decree qadr The wisdom behind a delayed response This is a highly informative and essential book for every Muslim household. He graduated with a B. After completing a diploma in Arabic, he graduated with a B.



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