I had one goal: To find the best automatic fish feeder on the market! After 40 hours of testing, I am confident that you can do no better than my recommendations below: Best all-around automatic fish feeder — Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder Check the price If you have been fishkeeping for a while, you will be unsurprised by my top pick. It is commonly recommended by beginners and expert aquarists alike. The Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder was unbeatable and offered the best value for your money. I was surprised to discover that the Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder is only marginally more expensive than the cheapest options. Except for large wafers and sticks, the Eheim fish feeder was capable of dispensing all the common foods I threw at it.

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This American-made feeder has a four-float design for stability, even during strong storms. Filling it is quick and easy with the weighted-loop anchor option, which you can use to pull it into the shoreline or up to your dock. This mechanism comes with feet of rope, a stake, and a cinder block anchor with swivel.

You can even attach a weight to the swivel and fill the feeder from a boat. An optional remote control makes it easy to feed the fish with the press of a button. It features a drum volume of 3.

It does have handy, color-coded lights so you can tell with a quick glance which of the three feeding frequencies you have set up. If it were true, and fish really had a memory of about 30 seconds, how would they ever remember to eat?

They say that fish have short memories. They face another problem there, however, and this one is not a myth: People are forgetful. I can recall the names of musicians in obscure indie bands from the 90s, I can remember the years most films came out, and I can usually remember to dress myself in the morning. The oil in my car? I never remember to change it. That rent check?

These automatic feeders come in a variety of styles, but they all operate on the same basic principle. The feeder itself attaches to your tank or lives at the lip of your pond for easy feeding.

At the strike of that hour, your feeder either releases food from a single-serving-sized chamber or it opens a release door just long enough for gravity to take a certain amount of flakes down to the water. Finding Your Feeding Schedule Knowing exactly why you need an automatic fish feeder will lead you quickly to a small number of options off our list, and the parameters of your tank or pond should get you even closer to a choice.

So, I turn to fish, and an automatic feeder keeps me from having to buy new fishy friends every few weeks. Personally, I work pretty long days.

If I owned a dog, it would likely destroy the bulk of my apartment out of spite. If I owned a cat, it would get carried away by a coyote. There are some models on our list that let you go even longer between refills and that have adjustable quantity releases to suit your specific swimmers.

Leaders of that great empire kept sea barbels in marble tanks under their beds and the beds of their wealthy visitors. The Roman aristocrats had the first automatic fish feeders, as well: slaves! The first aquariums of note appeared in the early 19th century, when Jeanne Villepreux-Power created a sealed terrarium that eventually also held water and fish. By , the Germans, British, and French all had large aquariums in their public zoos, housing both fresh and saltwater creatures.

One hundred years later, superior sealants of tar and silicone allowed consumers in the US their first opportunity to own saltwater fish at home without the fear of corrosion and the eventual collapse of the system. One of the earliest patents for an automatic, electric fish feeder dates the device back to , when Seymour Smolin proposed a fish feeder with timed cycles, a hopper for storage, and a device for attaching the feeder to the side of a home aquarium.

Our Top Pick.


Eheim Auto Feeder Review

Our detailed Eheim Auto Feeder review covers a very in-depth look at what it has to offer including main features, pros, cons and our conclusion on how good it really is. We can all sometimes have problems maintaining a regular feeding schedule. Maybe you are at school or work a lot, maybe you want to go on vacation, or maybe you are just a little forgetful. The point is that you need a good solution to keep your fish well fed on a regular basis and a lot of people turn to automatic fish feeders to help so we wanted to take a closer look at what Eheim auto feeder has to offer. Today we want to talk about one of the popular automatic fish feeder options from Eheim. Maybe your fish likes flakes, crumbles, pellets, or freeze dried foods. The point we are making here is that the Eheim Auto Feeder can handle virtually any kind of food out there.


Eheim Everyday Feeder Auto Fish Feeder


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