Jun 30, Maureen rated it liked it. Copies were sold on the streets of Paris by Barnes and her friends, and Barnes managed to smuggle a few into the United States to sell. Some of the women mentioned in its pages were followers of G. The great lesbian romp through Paris in the Twenties. We all like fe idea of saving a bit of cash, so when we found out how many good quality used books are out there — we just had to let you know! Her father, Wald Barnes, was an unsuccessful composer, musician, and painter.

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Then one had to lure them to the Breast, and now," she said, "You have to smack them, back and front to ween them at all! What joy has the missionary," she added, her Eyes narrowing and her long Ears moving with Disappointment, "when all the Heathen greet her with Glory Halleluja! I would," she said, "that there were one Woman somewhere that one could take to task for Lethargy.

And what a lack of Art there is in the Upholstery Trade, for that they do not finish off the under Parts of Sofas and Chairs with anything like Elegance showered upon that Portion which comes to the Eye! There should," she added, with a touch of that committee strain which flowed in a deep wide Stream in her Sister, "be Trade for Contacts, guarding that on which the Lesbian Eye must, in its March through Life, rest itself.

I would not, however," she said, "have it understood that I yearn with any very great Vastness for the early eighties; then Girls were as mute as a Sampler, and as importunate as a War, and would have me lay on, charge and retreat the night through, as if," she finished, "a Woman, be she ever so good of Intention and a Martyr, could wind herself upon one Convert, and still find Strength in the Nape of her Neck for the next.

Still," she remarked, sipping a little hot tea, "they were dear Creatures, and they have paced me to a contented and knowing fifty. I am well pleased. Upon my Sword there is no Rust, and upon my Escutcheon so many Stains that I have, in this manner, created my own Banner and my own Badge.

I know that the Orientals are cold to the Waist, and from there flame with a mighty and quick crackling Fire. I have learned that Anglo Saxons thaw slowly but that they thaw from Head to Heel, and so it is with their Minds.

The Asiatic is warm and willing, and goes out like a Firecracker; the Northerner is cool and cautious, but burns and burns, until," she said reminiscently, "you see that Candle lit by you in youth, burning about your Bier in Death. It is time now that I find me a Night-light, and just what Fusion of Bloods it be, I have not as yet determined, but—I think I have found it.

There is one such in our midst on whom I have had a Weather Eye these many Years. She is a little concocted of one bad night in Venice and one sly Woman going to morning Mass, her Name is writ from here to Sicily, as Cynic Sal.

She dressed like a Coachman of the period of Pecksniff, but she drives an empty Hack.


El almanaque de las mujeres (Otras Voces)

Apr 14, Tslyklu rated it it was ok Shelves: It stands out today for its portrayal of lesbian themes and its distinctive writing style. All of our paper waste is recycled and turned into corrugated cardboard. I know Barnes did not write hers a,manaque a spoof of a particular book, but it still fits the general parameters. Djuna Barnes 12 June — 18 June was an American writer who played an ee part in the development of 20th century English language modernist writing and was one of mujefes key lzs in s and 30s bohemian Paris after filling a similar role in the Greenwich Village of the teens. Refresh and try again. He later returned to Germany and became a close associate of Adolf Hitler. Yet in their content, these stylized and enigmatic muneres plays are more experimental than those of her fellow playwrights at Provincetown.





El Nueva York de Djuna Barnes



El almanaque de las mujeres


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