Extractos tomados del Libro del Dr. Es inseparable del arrepentimiento, de la entrega y un ansia sobrenatural de obedecer. El concepto de la fe que salva incluye todos estos elementos. Decimos a las personas que Dios las ama y que tiene un plan maravilloso para sus vidas, pero esto solo es media verdad. Ninguna intensidad de luz afecta la ceguera. Puede aceptar la realidad de una lista de hechos del evangelio.

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This is the second time I am reading it. I am reading it again because a lot of people, mostly charismatics, have accused MacArthur of false doctrine based on this book.

I have not found any false teaching unless one believes Jesus is guilty of false doctrine. Perhaps those who accuse MacArthur of teaching a false gospel known as "lordship salvation" based on this book should re-read the gospels and understand the commitment Jesus required in order for one to be one of His followers.

Perhaps some of us are fearful to read the gospel Jesus taught lest we find we are not in the faith, but caught up in an experience that is not the gospel as found in the NT. Read this book. Question it. Interact with it. Your spiritual life will be transformed. I very much appreciated and have more of a appreciation of the Old Testament. You are reminded when Jesus said the way is hard and narrow and the Easy Believeism that is so prevelant has many on the easy way.

It is interesting to read others reviews on this and the rejection of Jesus Lordship. You begin to see it is a breaking of our will, a giving A very detailed book on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You begin to see it is a breaking of our will, a giving up of our spirit, a realization that we are broken and it is only by prayer and the holy spirit that we can begin to bring ourselves under his Lordship. We must remember Jesus was not seeking admirers; he was calling followers and not casual followers.

MacArthur went into great detail on the young ruler and the pride of the young ruler that he was not able to follow Jesus. He goes on to say that no one can come to Jesus for salvation only on the basis of psychologial needs, anxieties, lack of peace, or a sense of hopelessness, etc Salvation is for people who hate their sin and want to turn away from the things of this life There are a couple times where he moves towards Lordship as a condition of salvation.

I think MacArthur would be better in these instances to state it as something of a pre-understanding issue. For example: in order to be saved from sin one Meh For example: in order to be saved from sin one has to believe that they have sinned. Sin, as an offence against a holy God is a rebellion against His Lordship. Saving faith demands a number of key elements of pre-understanding e.

The corollary to the problem of sin is the Lordship of Christ. By approaching it in this way, we can avoid both making a "Lordship confession" some sort of condition for salvation, but yet expect that all who come to faith really have to understanding of the Lordship of Christ in contrast to their own personal rebellion against His sovereignty.

So, while salvation is solely conditioned on faith, there are some foundational understandings that are necessary prior to saving faith, a faith that results in true believers becoming disciples of their Lord and Savior.


El Evangelio Segun Jesucristo -John MacArthur (Pensamientos)



El Evangelio Segun Jesucristo



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