The original design, was merely to guard a beloved child and intimate friend, against any skeptical doubts that might have been produced, by the many conversations that daily took place, when that book was first handed about in this city. Advertisement - story continues below It was, at first, designed to be confined within the limits of a few page. Soon after, having occasion to review the subject, it opened itself in such a manner, that before I was aware of it, the bulk increased to a manuscript of a considerable size. It is written out of an anxious desire that our country should be preserved from the dreadful evil of becoming enemies to the religion of the Gospel, which I have no doubt would lead to the dissolution of government and the bonds of civil society.

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Akinonos If these circumstances did not constitute the Apostles the most proper historians to record the life, actions and doctrines of their master, and do not operate as a strong confirmation of the facts they relate, I know not what human testimony, can amount to proof: Bryant thinks it a similar confusion of the letters; for what saith he, is Siphoas, but Aosiph misplaced, revelwtion is the Egyptian name of Joseph.

But use the world, [so] as not to abuse it. There are thirty different places in the book of Genesis — one hundred in the law, and five hundred throughout the Old-Testament, where the words Elohim or Alehim, Eloheka and Adonai, Gods, the Lord thy Gods are made use of. Thus a man really and professedly denying the being of a God, and the obligations of revealed religion, is not guilty of infidelity: As we advance still farther in these Indian researches, we shall find many other important points of religious belief, surprizingly elucidated; and thus, the Mosaical records and Christianity, so far from being subverted by the pretended antiquity of the Brahmins, will derive a proud trophy from the corroborative testimony of their genuine annals, and the congenial sentiments of their primaeval creed.

Elias Boudinot The Age of Revelation On one side of this extraordinary medal is a representation of the Deity, with three heads and one body, evidently designed to convey the notion of a Trinity in unity. If it should please God to make a special revelation of his will to an individual, with regard to any rule of conduct which he chose should influence those who wished to serve and obey him, and that individual is authorized to communicate it to me, attended with full and convincing evidence of its truth and certainty, am I nevertheless at liberty to disbelieve and reject such revelation with impunity?

Narbardia — Pompeditha and Soria, besides several other places famous for learning. He is said to have reigned about two thousand years before the Christian aera. But this writer appears to have supposed, that the knowledge of the Gospel might be gained by intuition; and of course is wholly unacquainted with the nature of its doctrines, and seems to suppose his readers equally ignorant, or he would have seen the necessity of some kind of proof or argument to support his bold and unsupported charges against the Christian church as founded in the Gospel of the Son of God.

By this means churches were founded in the most famous cities then in the world, and men of all ranks, stations and characters, were brought by the force of these facts, to acknowledge the faith as it was in Jesus.

So liberals bring out what they believe is their biggest gun—Thomas Paine. But how does the unbeliever better himself, by the denial of all revelation, and flying to his religion of nature?

Stukely, a British author, who wrote about seventy years ago. Hartley, may be accounted for, from the then circumstances of things, without having recourse to real inspiration, and particularly if we admit as Mahomet did the revelations related and intimated by Moses, with his own divine legation. Shabazz Pizazz rated it it was amazing May 17, If you look through their whole history, every part of it bears the mark of truth and credibility.

From thence to the designation of the family in which he was to be born, was years. It has been repeatedly observed, that the mythologic personages, Brahma, Veeshnu, and Seeva, constitute the grand Hindoo triad of Deity.

He that gives light and knowledge to all things, and is himself invisible, is what we call Yi. But why does he believe it? Paine is considered to be an American Founding Father, and yet, unlike Paine, Boudinot actually served in a civil capacity in the United States that included work on the Constitution. This will be due to them, if we be noticed by them, and if in return they render any services to men; but if the Gods neither can, nor will do any thing for us, and give no attention to our conduct, why should we render them any kind of worship, or pray to them?

Feb 15, Samuel Smith rated it really liked it. When we cease from importance as the citizens of this world, our real importance begins to be felt and understood.

Live in the world. Refresh and try again. The latter is shadowed out by the circle that surrounds them, as well as by the point Kametz, T, subjoined to the three Jods, which denotes the essential ellas, common to the three hypostases. How much better had it been for the Carthagenians, if they had had either Critias, or a Diagoras, for their first law-giver, that so they might have believed neither God nor Spirits, than to make such offerings to Saturn, as they made.

He surely has never taken the pains to read, with attention, the narration which he thus attempts to contradict; and thereby he is deceiving the young and unlearned reader, in matters of serious importance to his best interests. Rejoice with them who rejoice, and weep with them who weep. Related Posts.


The Age of Revelation by Elias Boudinot

Paine is considered to be an American Founding Father, and yet, unlike Paine, Boudinot actually served in a civil capacity in the United States that included work on the Constitution. Boudinot is a true American Founding Father. Paine had no role in the founding conventions of America and their documents. A great deal of thought and humility went into the well-argued reply. Even though there are tens of thousands of churches and tens of millions of Christians, it seems that the skepticism of Paine has the upper hand. The prevalence of skepticism is more the inaction of Christians than the accomplishment of skeptics.


Elias Boudinot

Introduction by Belcher Foundation. Copyright by Belcher Foundation. All rights reserved. By Elias Boudinot, L. This is a certain fact, and not only reasonable in itself, but consistent with the nature of the subject. So it is with revealed religion.



Over the next twenty years, they had nine children. Of the others, only the younger Elias and his siblings Annis , Mary, and Elisha reached adulthood. Annis became one of the first published women poets in the Thirteen Colonies , and her work appeared in leading newspapers and magazines. After studying and being tutored at home, Elias Boudinot went to Princeton, New Jersey to read the law as a legal apprentice to Richard Stockton. Richard Stockton was later a signatory of the Declaration of Independence.


The Age of Revelation: The Age of Reason Shewn to be an Age of Infidelity


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