Kigar Some studies show carbs aid in building muscle, while others show a low carb diet kill building muscle. I just finished Phase I and it already exceeded all expectations. Engineering the Alpha will even work for guys in their 30s, 40s, and 50s There is also one major contradiction between the explanation of lactic acid training, and the instructions for performing the lactic acid exercises. Whatever you decided to do when it comes to making changes of nutrition, training, and lifestyle in general, there needs to be the following:. Most days, this will just be sixteen hours. I do have a couple of beefs however.

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Also, have you ever been intimidated by the life that other business people live? Well the facade is coming down in this interview. Check out the truth behind the persona. Finally, are your over complicating your first version, or maybe you know someone who is over complicating version one.

All that and so much more, coming up. If you need a lawyer who understands the start-up world and the tech community, I want you to go to Walker Corporate Law. Next I want to tell you about Shopify. When your friend asks you how can I sell something online?

Finally, I want to tell you about grasshopper. Well get your number from grasshopper. All right. John Romaniello is the founder of Roman Fitness Systems. The methods he teaches there have been used by Arnold Schwartzenegger, who invited him to head the Arnold Schwartzenegger Fitness Advisory Board. His new book is called Man 2. Hey John. John: Hey. How are you? Thank you for that lovely introduction. Andrew: Right? What size revenue did you generate teaching people how to be fit?

John: So I was, when I was just running an in-person personal training business, which I started when I was 20, 21 years old, I was doing six figures by the time I was 24, and when we brought the business online in , we did our first product launch. Or my first product launch, in February , and that launch did about , gross rev, of which, you know, I was able to net close to So the business itself does in the 3 million range, and I am personally taking home in the low seven figures.

And then of course this book deal was very generous on the part of Harper Collins, and that was a seven figure deal as well. Andrew: How do you get over a million dollars for a book? Is it Ryan Holiday who goes and negotiates for you?

John: No. We have a great agent. So the intricacies of book proposals and that whole, the whole publishing industry is a really, really fascinating journey. So all of the nitty gritty is detailed in there. But what I will say, what I want to share, is real quick tips are focus on what makes you different. So you want to focus on the one percent that makes you different, not the 99 percent that makes you the same. Secondly, you want to focus on your platform. And you want as many eyeballs on you as possible.

For anything, in general. The more famous someone is the more credibility they have in terms of, like, Academy awards, the more money they make. And that even is true when celebrities write books. There are so many people who teach how to work out, how to be more fit. How to get abs. What is it about you that… what did you do to separate yourself? You, at one point, were overweight. You were working where? At the Gap? John: Yeah, I was a chubby kid pretty much my whole life.

I played sports. So, I was thinner when I was doing that. But, then it was like my freshman year of college and I had stopped playing sports so now my chubby nature took over. Very overweight or, you know, very, very chubby. And, at this point, I was working at the Gap. Which I do not advise. Andrew: Why? Why is that such a bad job?

I had two very different experiences. I had working at the Gap. And, then, a couple of years later I worked at Abercrombie. I was, like, the shirtless guy that stands outside the store. The managers are super stressed out so they have all these crazy rules. But, one day there was the woman who came into the Gap.

But at the time it was very frustrating. Eventually I got them. Just back and forth in the conversation. It turns out that gym was 5 minutes from my house. So, it seemed very opportune. It seemed like it was fate for me to check this out.

So, the next day I went. I joined the gym. And the owner, a guy named Alvin Batista, turned out to be a fantastic mentor for me. And, so, I like to say that on April 26, , I stepped into that gym. And, Alvin, he was like my Obi-wan. He taught me the ways of the force. And he gave me a ton of books and paid for my first personal training certification.

And in three months I had gone through this dramatic physical transformation. So now my body is completely different. Andrew: Wait a minute. You went from a being an overweight guy to a shredded guy in three months?

John: Yeah. And this is what I teach. Getting in shape is not easy. But, in many ways, it is simple. So, this is a facade. So, I read as much as I could. And then I spent about three months reading and then I just applied. Maybe you have five or ten pounds to lose? No, no. I joined the gym on April 26th and by July 4th I had a six-pack.

I had never seen my abs before in my life. I cried that day. It was this big emotional thing. I went from about pounds to pounds. Very lean, gained some muscle. You learn from those mistakes, of course. Andrew: For example. What was the most aggressive thing you did? John: I was definitely undereating. It all worked out, and then I transitioned into bodybuilding.

I just think that what most people do, when they go really full bore, and they go hard core, is that they go a little bit too hardcore. For me, I think that was the biggest thing. Andrew: Okay. Is this when you decided to become a personal trainer?


Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha: A Real World Guide to an Unreal Life

Romaniello is an angel investor in addition to his writing, and serves as an advisor to nearly a dozen fitness and tech companies. Changing Your Fitness Will Change Your Life Often times men think that changing their bodies and their fitness will do little for their lives other than helping them look better naked. But the truth of the matter is, when you change your fitness, your change your entire life. When you overcome the mental barriers standing between you and your ideal body and you are able to shed the fat and pack on the muscle, unbelievable changes will happen. Women will start to find you more attractive, men will start to respect you more, your presence will demand more authority in the board room, your performance in the bedroom will increase, you will feel happier, more energetic, and more alive. It might sound like hyperbole or exaggeration, but I promise you, once you take control of your body, the rest of your life will change.


43: John Romaniello: Engineering the Alpha


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