And I wonder how much it affected me more given these characters are my exact contemporaries Jan 31, Diana rated it it was amazing "No esperaba nada porque yo mismo no era nada. He says, she says; mostly she saysshe has a lot to say. His job is to listen.

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The wife opens the local newspaper to a shocking photo of a classmate from her university days being taken into custody by the police. In an engrossing ebb and flow of facts, recollections, and conjecture, the couple spend the rest of the day trying to figure out how this former acquaintance—and, like her, the couple themselves, along with an entire generation of Chileans—could have reached this dead end almost unconsciously.

From the ambiguous yet profound title and cover art, to the conflicted and hearts and minds of the characters and their country, there is so much more to this work than initially meets the eye. To say my knowledge of Chilean political history was limited prior to reading Dead Stars is a gross understatement — it was almost non-existent.

From confronting imagery, … in those days, when the Laguna Verde forests were on fire and the wind from the south blew the black smoke over the hills on the horizon. Because the past was made of old light, she said. The past was a liturgy that excluded us from its miracle, she said. Because we had no share in the tragedy, and we had no right to ask for anything… our lot was only wooziness and hangover.

The time of blood and vertigo was over. Our fate was to sit on the floor and listen in silence to the war stories. I found myself re-reading and highlighting passage after passage. Join the discussion below. In , he was selected as one of thirty-nine best Latin American authors under the age of thirty-nine at the Hay Festival in Bogota. She lives in Zurich, Switzerland.


Estrellas muertas


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