From until , the magazine was co-owned and co-edited by Hudley "Hud" Flipside, a pseudonym of Holly Duval Cornell. It was much smaller and more localized than the actual Burning Man festivals and often featured bands that Flipside released on their own label. Record label[ edit ] For several years, the publishers also produced punk rock records under the label name Flipside Records. Inspired by the ability of small local labels such as Dangerhouse Records and Slash Records , Kowalewski and Peter Landswick launched the Flipside label in We though about it a while and we decided that if Dangerhouse could put out records and if Chris Ashford could put out records and if Slash could put out records, then we could put out records, too

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Al Flipside and I co-owned and published Flipside Fanzine from to I include here a general timeline of early staph members, shit workers on the zine. These are the major players or crew that came to the Flipside house and put their time in. We did not pay them. They got lots of free records galore and got into shows for free.

Al and I took them out to lunch and took them to shows. In some cases, they lived with us for a short time. The punk rock scene was very generous to those that helped promote it. I say again and again at that time we all shared in a symbiotic relationship with the bands, record labels, radio programs, public access programs, fanzines and most importantly the fans. We were the behind the scene punks.

Before and after is for some other Flipside staph to document or move forward with … good luck. There were many contributors to Flipside Fanzine over the years. Some more than others, I want to thank all of you because we had a lot of fun. I do not wish to exclude anyone. The characters outlined here are friends that Al and I worked very closely with at that time. It all went by so fast. There were so many things to do and we learned as we went. We were all kids really but Al was full of all the energy and intelligence to do it.

He would not make anyone do anything. He taught me how to make surf boards and we learned as we ran and published a fanzine together. Hard work! We had fun and met some amazing characters along the way!! Al Flipside late … Weirdo fan!! Pooch aka Patrick DiPuccio Always around causing a scene! Like me.

As a young punk on the streets she let me stay in her apartment. I was so alone, and the world was wild, and I was swallowed up in it. Thank you, Jill!! These punk chicks were the heart of the scene. They loved it, loved the music, and knew all the key players. We had a great time!! This song is for you!! I do too!! Sitting on left is X-8, Paul is in the middle and Nate Flipside on the right. The guy standing was a bass player friend of X We were trying to form a band to be called the Jetters.

Photo by Al Flipside.

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Select a valid country. Multiple items can be combined for shipping. Here we are years later. Unique band flyers with local and logo band art. The Flip Side Collection provides a business context to the fanzine. Al Flipside late … Weirdo fan!!


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