Gitta Mallasz Gitta Mallasz verheiratet Walder am Juni in Ljubljana Slowenien geboren und am Als gute Schwimmerin, wird sie in den zwanziger Jahren Siegerin im Kraul. So lernt sie Lili Strausz kennen, die Ausdruckstanz lehrt und massiert.

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Her father was an officer in the Hungarian army, her mother was Austrian. She was a talented swimmer and in the early thirties, became a national free style and backstroke champion.

She also made the acquaintance of Lili Strausz, a professor of calisthenics who was also a massage therapist. Soon Gitta Mallasz resumed working in graphic art and joined Hanna Dallos in the atelier which she ran with her husband Joseph Kreutzer. Once antisemitism gained political power in Budapest, the aristocratic Gitta Mallasz took over the commercial management of the atelier from Hanna and Joseph, who were Jewish just like Lili Strausz.

Then the Second World War broke out. The atmosphere became oppressive and alarming. Hanna and Joseph rented a small house in the outskirts of Budapest and reduced their activities to the absolute essentials. Gitta Mallasz and Lili Strausz joined them. The clandestine purpose was trying to save a hundred Jews. But, in , the Nazi vice tightened. In Hungary, after the Nazi terror came the Soviet oppression. She restarted her career as a graphic designer.

To save her family from persecution, she contracted a marriage of convenience with Laci Walder which later turned into a love-match. He was a Jewish communist, veteran of the International Brigade. With her husband, Helen Boyer, and several friends she set herself the task to translate the notebooks into French. Eventually, the writer Claude Mettra , producer at the French public radio station France Culture interviewed Gitta Mallasz about her spiritual adventure in his weekly program on March 22, The impact was enormous.

Shortly thereafter, the text was published by Aubier and became an overnight bestseller. Gitta Mallasz flatly refused to become a guru despite public pressure. But an invitation to a conference of the Zurich C. Jung Institute in June was an important turning point.

In , in a severe accident she broke both her wrists. From onwards, Bernard Montaud had been organizing her conferences. She died on May 25, in Tartaras, in the commune of Ampuis France.

Talking with Angels[ edit ] The dialogues in Hungarian were transcribed onto notebooks [10] during a series of 88 events, from June 25, to November 23, They have been published altogether in 21 languages. It was first published in English in a short edition in by Watkins Publishing, followed by a complete edition by Daimon Verlag in under the title Talking with Angels.

Paris: Aubier. ISBN Mallasz, Gitta


Gitta Mallasz



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