Out of these, Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets called Chhaya Grahas. The apparent paths of planets are contained within a celestial belt called Zodiac. The apparent path of Sun is called the ecliptic that is Centre Line of the Zodiac. When Moon revolves round the Earth during its motion through the zodiac, it cuts the ecliptic at two points, which arc called nodal points. Over these points the shadow of our earth falls and produces peculiar malefic effects.

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October 13, print Introduction — Gochara means Transit. However it have great impact in timing events. However here I want to put a point — Transit works as a catalyst not a game changer.

Other lagnas can be included which will be exposed in another section. However in starting one must keep it in mind that primarily transits have to be seen from Moon. Here one can see that sage is not ignorant of the ascendant but is advising us to judge transits from moon.

Hence, one must not be confused in this respect and must judge transits from Moon primarily for them being good or bad. Ashtakvarga — It is an extensive method. Here I will give two notes — Used by Me.

Use Seven Ashtakvarga instead of Eight as Ashtakvarga name is given due to eight placed from planets and not eight contributing factors — Dr. I will write another article on Ashtakvarga where it will be dealt separately in detail. Less than 28 gives bad results more than 28 gives good result. Judging Ashtakvraga for Transits — Note the Rashi of planet in transit. See the same Rashi in planets Bhinna Ashtakvarga of the same planet in Birth chart.

It will decide transit being good or bad. Same can be done using Sarvashtakvarga for whole chart to know how this transit will affect Dasha, prevalent at the time. Kakshya [Division in Ashtakvarga] — There are 8 contributing factors in Ashtakvarga. A Rashi is of 30 degrees. Hence when 30 is divided by 8 it gives 3. In a planets Bhinna Ashtakvarga some planets contribute points to make it reach a point scale between 0 to 8.

A planet in his Gochara in a particular house will give effect only when he is under Kakshya of a planet contributing points in his Natal Bhinna Ashtakvarga. This can also be used to see nature of events for example Suppose Aquarius is lagna and Saturn is transiting 10th house, where points are given by Mars-Mercury-Venus and Jupiter. Former three of them are in 12th house whereas latter is in 11th house.

Hence when Saturn will pass through Jupiterian Kakshya he will give money, In Venusian kakashya Raajyoga and bed pleasures, In Martian Kakshya advancement in Job and travels, In Mercurian kaksya advancement in studies along with some losses in the same and effects of Vipareet Raaj Yoga.

Hence here some transit secrets are being decoded using Phaladeepika. Mathematical Points being activated by Transits — Phaldeepika Sometimes their trines are also sensitive. I am also of the opinion that only longitude of house lord and significator can be added to arrive at a degree which will be sensitive. Native was married on 11th March Venus [Karaka of Marriage] — 7 Degree cancer. Saturn [Lord of 7th house] 4 Degree Virgo. One Navansha is of 3. Now one can notice Sagittarius was having Rahu [Gives effect of Venus being with Venus in birth chart — He becomes benefic] also he aspects 7th house hence able to give marriage in transit.

Lord of Sagittarius in Birth time was in Leo which is aspected by Sun and Mars [Mars also aspects 7th house in D1 again qualifies as marriage givers] Sun gives power to anything, this will explored in our article on progressions. Only Jupiter aspects indicating at good event and not Saturn which can sometimes deny good events — Unless we accept marriage as curse on human beings.

Effects always to be decided from Birth Chart — Phaladeepika Like for example a planet well placed in Lagna and Hora but badly placed in Dasamsa will indicate that his transit will give good effects of Health and Money but bad effects of Profession. Natal planets influenced by transiting planets — Phaladeepika Here Three rules are self explanatory: 1- When lord of a Bhava is strong in Transit he gives good result of the Bhava [Auspicious 7th lord in transit gives conjugal bliss].

In above demonstration if 7th lord be with 6th lord or is aspected by 6th lord or Rashi of natal 7th lord is aspected by transiting 6th lord then above results of conjugal bliss may not come to be seen.

Destruction of a Bhava by Transiting Saturn — Phaladeepika Here three rules are told — 1- Saturn in transit shows bad effects whereas Jupiter shows good results. Effects caused by Saturn here is due to his nature, whereas if the same be adverse in birth chart then his transit on the said bhava too will affect the bhava negatively.

Such is the seriousness and depth of classics. Only those who are afraid of hard work runs away from classics and fall prey to modern methods of prognostication. Transit in Divisional charts— Phaladeepika However this rule illustrates that Navansha can also be effectively used in Gochara however lordship have to remain same as Rashi [There is a broad logic behind this and all sages seem to be following this only.

This will be revealed when we will deal with Divisional charts] See in Which Rashi or Navasha a planet is place. The same method can be employed to see Drekkana. Transit of Dasha lord — Phaladeepika Phaladeepika If Yes! Moon as instigator of Dasha Phala — Phaladeepika This method is extremely useful to know how will be today according to astrology.

Transit affecting Dasha — Phaladeepika Ashtakvarga influencing Transits — Phaladeepika Along with this also keep in mind that when planet transit Upachaya houses [] or their own house, exaltation or friendly sign they bestow good results whereas there transit in houses other than Upachaya or their enemy house, debilitation will produce bad effects.

For example transit in own sign where planet have 7 points will be extremely good whereas transit in debilitation sign with only 1 point will be baneful. Transit in own sign with 3 points will be mixed with both kind of results. Most important advise with regard to Ashtakvarga — Phaladeepika This looks simple but is of utmost importance.

Suppose in one chart of Aquarius lagna Jupiter is in 11th house and in his Bhinna Ashtakvarga there are 7 points in Gemini. Now native will be married when Jupiter will come in Gemini which will happen in every 6th year hence native can be married in ages of nd year.

What I did is we know Jupiter will take 6 years to come to 7th sign from his placement I took that and then kept adding 12 each time.

Here remember good points show blissful events whereas bad points shows baneful events. In the same chart 7th from Saturn is 1 point only hence this 2. Here again let me underline a technique hidden between the lines for benefit of readers. Suppose a native approaches you with a question how will by my marital life.

One can quickly see number of points in 7th from each planet in their respective Bhinna Ashtakvarga and predict safely. One can notice here how gems are hidden between lines and a student who is not cautious can miss it.

Here one can have a question, What is the difference between numbers in 7th house in Sarva Ashtak Varga and this method, One must ponder over this as the question is not being answered here. Kakshya and fine tuning of events — Phaladeepika Hence when a rashi is divided into 8 equal parts first Let me explain it. Ashtakvarga is basically a point table separate for every planet where points are contributed by all planets [including the one whose Ashtakvarag is considered and Lagna — Hence 8] It have some secret usage [One can guess from here, That is not discussed here] Coming to the topic Suppose Saturn is transiting a sign take in continuation to previous example Saturn is transiting 10th house where points are given by Saturn himself and Jupiter and Mars and Lagna, Thus it means when Saturn will transit Here two things are very clear 1.

Ashtakvarga is of Rashi and not Bhava — It is not said to add 8th point from Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and so on to give points in 8th house from Lagna it is said to add Numbers given in sign Leo in each Bhinna Ashtakvarga. Two new rules of Transit — Phaladeepika Also if 10th lord transits 8th house he will give good related to inheritance, diseases etc. One can note how in small and simple lines author have given gems.

In end — There are many more method to use Transits, which include Transit of Dasha lord, Vedha, Latta, Sarvato Bhadra Chakra, Genera favourable and unfavourable houses of transits, Transit in divisional charts and Techniques like when Saturn transit 8th from lord of 9th house from Sun some bad events with father can happen. Which is not being discussed here due to space limitation. However god willing we will take these techniques in subsequent articles on Gochara [Transit].

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