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Bone Pillar We start off with some new enemies, the Mini Devils. These annoying little things shoot little crescent moon beams at you and are flickering around, making it hard to spot them and kill them. On the upper left corner is another new enemy, the Witch. These fly around shooting balls of light at you. Also take note that you need the Flying Armor Soul to reach this little alcove.

There are also two exits from this room. The lower right one has a Save Point much needed after the Garden of Madness , so use it, return and now proceed through the upper right exit. Their soul is really hard to get, but this is one of the best spots to farm for it. In this next large vertical room we have another new enemy, the Ghost Dancer. These just dance around and hurt you if you touch them. Nothing too special about them, minus their souls see the below note! Not too shabby.

Getting 9 souls is a chore, but not too hard. Remember that you have a save point nearby and use whatever souls you want to make this chore easier. Spare no MP! Good hunting! There are FOUR exits to this room. Enter the door directly underneath the one you came in from to find the Warp Room.

This room has two Great Armor enemies which are really tough, but you can hurt them on their feet, so hit them there. In this next room is a Valkyrie, which is super easy and an excellent place to farm its soul. NOTE Once again we have a soul that is very hard to get. If you wish, go ahead and skip it and come back later.

Or if you are as crazy as the writers, go ahead and farm for it here. This soul is really neat and will be useful later. Continue on up and past the Valkyrie room for a large room full of ghosts. Hop on the moving platform to the left and go up. Follow the path into the next room. Here enter the upper left room for a Save Point. Now go to the bottom and enter the room for a boss fight. Boss: Dmitrii Blinov Dmitrii has to be one of the easiest bosses in the game.

We recommend equipping something rather "useless" although every Bullet Soul has its use like Une, Student Witch or Skeleton. He can also back-dash and jump over you, but this fight is beyond easy if you feed Dmitrii the right soul. Dodge the useless soul you give him and punish him physically until he falls!

After the fight return, save your game and return to the room where you fought Dmitrii. This is a good place to farm its soul though. Boss: Malphas Malphas is another easy boss. Malphas itself is a combination of a woman and a crow. Anyway, she only has three attacks and they are all really easy to evade. When you see her do this, run away from here and jump over them you can use the Flying Armor to help if you need to.

Crows: She "throws" all her crows towards you. Note that it does this towards either the left or the right. Really simple. Needles: No, not as dangerous as the Final Fantasy series, Malphas spreads her arms and throws several feather to the sides, which resemble needles. When you see her spread, quickly stay underneath her to avoid the attack. After the fight we get her soul, and the ability to Double Jump Return to the previous room and use the double jump with the Flying Armor to grab the Hoop Earring.

Now go save your game and enter the room to the left, where the Witch and Ghost were. Now you can grab the item in the upper left corner, which is a Power Belt. Return to the previous room and go right from the save point. It has really defense so attack it hard and quick.

Its soul is really hard to get though. There is also an Anti-Venom in the upper left side of the room. If only we were smaller or something Time to go finish exploring. Go through the right one to find a dead end again, map percentage.

Head back out and go down. Kill the Creature and go through the exit here. This room is full of Ghouls but does have a new enemy in it: the Hell Boar. This beast is a re-skin of the Slaughterer but has a fire attack as well. The shot is more direct and shoots fast at you so be careful.

He can also do a devastating uppercut. Head to the left now to get to a vertical shaft. Jump over the gap and enter the top left room. There is a new enemy called Barbariccia here. This is a good place to farm for Barbariccia, although his drop rate is pretty low. Another transform soul! Our second. Head back to the previous room and down. There is a classic Bone Pillar here. Keep going down and enter the next room on the left.

Kill it and take the Traveler Cape. Even though the soul say "breathe fire", Soma just shoots it out of his hand. Very disappointing, I know. Head down to the bottom now and out of the left exit. It has a high soul drop rate, thankfully, but will try and separate and, well This is a fairly powerful soul actually.

Now, down in this room are two stacks of Bone Pillars with three in each stack. This makes it a good place to farm for them. It can take a little while, but can be done.

The middle right one leads to a dead end and has a spike trap at the top be careful! Explore it for the map percentage and head down. Go through the right exit here. This room has a couple of spike traps in it and a Barbariccia. Past here is a room with a mirror and a Red Scarf. Head back out to the vertical room and go left this time. This wall can ONLY be opened up if you have the skeleton soul, which you more than likely do already.

Defeat the white dragon and hell boar past it and claim the Halberd here for your own. That is all the exploring we can do down here right now.

Head ALL the way back up to the ghost dancer room and then west to the save room at the start of the Dark Chapel. Save up and then go get the weapon in the left corner of the room with our new double jump to gain a Long Sword. NOTE I thought about making this last little part a separate section, but From the warp point, head to the upper right exit and continue right to the vertical area, then through the upper left exit. Here you can head UP. Head up and fill out the map.

To the upper left you will find a High Potion and to the upper right a door. Head up to the big room above the warp zone and take the upper right exit.

Head up and take the upper left exit. Kill the enemies and grab the Elfin Robe. To the right is an exit but there is also a secret exit to the north.


Dawn of Sorrow Inventory



Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow – FAQ/Walkthrough


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