Pierce time for this system under these cutting conditions would be. Perhaps you could send me a note to let me know where this demo took place I look forward to hearing from you, Jim Colt jim. The techs were mumbling a lot about issues they were having with some things.

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They are a decent value for the price In my personal evaluations The Hypertherm units are considerably more expensive as compared to most of the Chinese imports We do not use or copy other companies torch designes, rather we engineer our own An interesting point China is one of Hypertherms most rapidly growing markets.

Our products are very popular there! I was not bashing, and said I would report on what happens tomorrow. Do you think I made up what happened or something? It did not happen It made one actual cut and blew out the tip. It could be that the unit is not reducing amps when the pilot arc fires or that the electrode seized If I need to, I guess I could retrieve the burned out consumables I never said it was bad or bashed it in any way. I just reported on its performance today.

I am going to be using it extensively in the next few weeks to learn some more about it and its performance. Its a new unit and a new table I am here as a representative of my company but also as an individual. I have a background in farming, farm equipment, vegetable and floral production, and I run my own welding business on the side Again I was not trying to promote my own units, but I was actually, if you caught my dry humor, deprecating my own product by saying I expected more out of it than mine.

I guess if you are incensed that this website is supported by advertisers and particularly by a company you oppose, then I can see where it could come across the way you have seen it.

But let me be clear I will say it again I was not bashing the unit,and I look forward to using it over the next 8 weeks or so. Everyone that has one of these units that I have talked to likes it. I am sure the bugs will get fixed tomorrow and it will operate fine


Hypertherm Powermax 600 (Set of 10)

Hypertherm plasma cutters is very easy to use and come at a low price. It is portable yet powerful. Hypertherm plasma cutter Powermax30 XP is designed specifically to deliver the efficient and high performance required by professionals. Its small size, the weight of This cutter comes with a two-in-one arrangement that helps in providing this electronic with a high-ability ability to cut not only incredibly detailed thin metal sheets but also cut thick metal pieces.


Hypertherm Powermax 600 obsolete?

Vision and Values Our Vision and our distinct set of Values drive the success and spirit of our organization. Our Vision and Values help us to make strategic decisions, allocate resources, and focus our choices every day. Our Vision We are dedicated to creating an enduring premier global enterprise built on a unique business culture that achieves success for our customers. Our Values Customers Talk, We Listen — The voice of the customer will always drive the development of our strategic plans and actions. Living this value is done by getting Customer Input and Expectations, at every opportunity, and by differentiating ourselves in How We Deliver to our customers. The Best Team Wins — Team-oriented, involved associates are our most valuable resource, and we are passionate about attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent.

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