Shakazahn Il libretto di platino del guadagno. Little Blue Book of Business Success. Why do so many companies fail so miserably? A new and impactful book on leadership from the perspective of leaders What makes a leader relevant? Little Black Book of Connections: La bibbia delle vendite.

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Shelves: business awesome book I have to read it over and over I used to work in sales and marketing I used to hate me in them I recommend it for anyone inside the world of business Very detailed. The pictures and formatting make it very easy to read and find the information needed. This book is a classic. I found it so bloody hilarious! The airline cited chronic, unreasonable complaints, numerous confrontations with employees, and verbal abuse that allegedly brought employees to tears.

In an interview, Gitomer described himself as a demanding, but not abusive, customer and cited only one time that he made an employee cry, several years prior. In October , Gitomer was quietly reinstated as a customer and passenger, having learned from the experience and documenting the positive outcome.

All his frequent-flyer miles were restored. I mean this is one guy who is capable of such a feat! Now that I have grabbed your attention as to the controversial side of Mr. Gitomer, let me share with you few more tit-bits about him. Now that you know who Mr. Gitomer is, let us review the book by itself — The Sales Bible. There are 12 Chapters namely: 1. The Rules. The Secrets. The Fun. Preparing to WOW! Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself 4. Making a Great Presentation 5.

Objections, Closing and Follow-up. Getting to YES! Woes and Foes 7. All Hail the King Customer 8. Spreading the Gospel 9. Success by Association s Prophets and Profits Can I Get an Amen? So what is so great about this book? Rather he comes out with a deeper understanding and education focused towards his readers on the common sense and common grounds of Relationship building. And does not end even after the sale is done with. Guess what — It never ends. He baptized this book as the Sales Bible and and I can tell you without a doubt, it is truly a Must Have Book for anyone — Any person working in any level of any organization — because in the end, we are all but Sales People selling something or another.

Surprisingly — Nothing! I loved the book to bits! It was love at first sight! And no, I am not gay. Neither do I have any issue with anyone who is. I was so blown away by his performance and his content — that I wrote down on my wish list, that one day I would buy it. One day because I was a poor lad. Fast forward 15 years since that day — Today I have the entire collection of Jeffrey Gitomer. It cost me quite a bit — But this is the investment I believe I made in myself.

That is how much I love and adore this man — for his sincerity, his honesty and the wisdom by which he blesses people around the world. So like so many other books of his - The Sales Bible is yet another collectors item you must have. I consider this as among the Top 50 Books in the world you must have. Overall Rating — Go ahead and do yourself a favor — Buy this book today!





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