Tube surface Tubes are supplied normally without anti-corrosive treatment, but anti-corrosive treatment is available and is carried out on request. Packaging Tubes are bundled as standard, with steel straps into hexagonal bundles with one end flush. Length sorting can be carried out on request. Tubes can also be bundled in multiples. Bundle weights are adjusted as requested by the customer.

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Scope This Japanese Industrial Standard specifies the carbon steel tubes, hereinafter referred to as the "tubes", used for machinery, automobiles, bicycles, furniture, appliances and other machine parts.

Remark 1. Further, the traditional units accompanied by numerical values in this Standard shall be converted to the SI units and numerical values on January 1.

Grade and Designation The grade and designation of the tube shall be as given in Table 1. The subclassification letter symbols A, B and C are used to indicate distinction of method of manufacturing the tube, cold working process, heat treatment, etc. Table 1. Method of Manufacture 3. Chemical Composition The tube shall be tested in accordance with 8. Table 2. Remarks 1. For the tubes of Grade 15 made by electric resistance welding process, the lower limit of carbon content may be altered by agreement between the parties concerned.

For the tubes of Grade 20, Nb in combination with V may be added. Mechanical Properties 5. The bending test, however, shall be applied to the tubes 50 mm or under in outside diameter in lieu of flattening test when especially specified by the purchaser. When the tensile test is carried out on No. Examples of calculation are given in Reference Table.

The values of elongation in Table 3 shall not be applied to the these 40 mm or smaller in outside diameter. However, it may be agreed upon by the purchaser and the manufacturer.

For electric resistance welded steel tubes ad butt-welded steel tubes, the tensile test pieces shall be No. For the flattening test, the minimum distance between the flat plates H shall be 5 times the plate thickness 6. Appearance 6. Dimensional Tolerances 7. Table 4. Tolerances on Outside Diameter Division No. For hot finished seamless steel tube, the outside diameter tolerances No.

The tolerances on outside diameter of quenched and tempered tubes shall be as agreed upon by the purchaser and the manufacturer. Table 5. Tolerances on Wall Thickness Division No. However, when tolerances outside this range are especially required, agreement shall be made between the purchaser and the manufacturer.

Test 8. JIS G The gauge length for No. Further, a C-shape test piece shall be placed as shown in Fig. Fig 1. Flattening Test for C-shape Test Piece 9. Inspection 9. From the specimen. From the specimen, take one tensile test piece. Over mm Take one specimen from each m or its fraction of the tubes of the same dimensions. From the specimen, take one tensile test piece and one flattening test piece.

From the specimen, take one flattening or bend test piece for the tubes 50 mm or under in outside diameter, and one flattening test piece for the tubes over 50 mm in outside diameter, in addition to each one tensile test piece in either case.

Over mm up to and Take one specimen from each m or its fraction of the tubes of the same dimensions. From the incl. Reinspection The tube may be retested in accordance with 4. Marking Each tube having passed the inspection shall be legibly marked with the following items, the order of arranging the items is not specified.

However, for smaller tubes or on a request from the purchaser, tubes may be bundled together and marked for each bundle by suitable means. However, the sign may be replaced by a blank Hot finished seamless steel tube -S-H Cold finished seamless steel tube -S-C Electric resistance welded steel tube other -E-G than hot finished or cold finished ones Hot finished electric resistance welded steel tube -E-H Cold finished electric resistance welded steel tube -B Cold finished butt-welded steel tube -B-C Report The manufacturer shall, as a rule, submit to the purchaser a report on the test results, manufacturing process, ordered dimensions, quantity and work lot number traceable to the history of manufacture, etc.


JIS G3445 STKM11A Seamless Steel Tubes



JIS G3445 Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes



JIS G 3445 Grade STKM 12C Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes


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