However, as the storyline progressed and the philosophical ideas exposed and the mysticism turned more rransformables and evident, both the editorial and the public became more transformabled more alienated until the tranfsormables ceased to be published in the early nineties. The creator of the series claims that during the 5 years of its publication the comic managed to have more thancomics sold. Later on, he created smaller ones -like Magneto and Warp. Asi es Karmatron para algunos de nosotros es se puede decir un comic de CULTO, por muchos aspectos que nos tocaron en nuestra infancia, por que por Karmatron muchos somos lo que somos en estos momentos, por que Karmatron para muchos en tiempos dificiles trabsformables algo que les ayudo, a lomejor a ti no te toco vivirlo de trajsformables manera, pero a muchos que lo leimos y lo volvemos a leer aparte de que karmatron y los transformables recuerda muchas trnasformables, nos karmatron y los transformables Yo tengo toda la coleccion de KArma, solo me falto el album porque nunca llego a mi ciudad… Saludos.

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Series summary[ edit ] Karmatron depicts the adventures of an extraterrestrial humanoid called Zacek "White Star" in Maya language , emperor of the alien Zuyua people and also a Kundalini warrior that an ancient prophecy announced to be the one who could restore the balance between light and darkness in the universe.

Zacek was the bearer of the powerful Kalpe- Om , a magical belt that allowed him to transform himself into Karmatron, a feet tall armoured spiritual warrior. Karmatron defended good and peace in all the universe, constantly fighting the forces of dark emperor Asura of Metnal and his evil god, the Master of Shadows, with the help of his numerous friends and his Transformables, an army of giant transformers.

Later on, he created smaller ones -like Magneto and Warp. The story starts millions of years ago, in a very distant place in the universe—Planet Zuyua—where Zacek lived peacefully as the youngest of two heirs to the Zuyuan throne. There, young Zacek learned advanced cybernetics as a career, and he often built robots, big and small, as a hobby. These four unexpected robotic heroes helped the zuyuans to survive the invasion so they could plan their exodus to a safer planet.

However, while zuyuan strategists planned an escape route from Planet Zuyua, emperor Canilek sent his two sons on a quest to seek the Planet of Eternity, a sacred, mystical place where spiritual warriors go to attempt to awake the Kundalini serpent that lived in Mount Meru , and thus gain the spiritual transcendence , wisdom, inner peace and power that comes with being a Kundalini.

Canilek hoped that at least one of his sons became the prophetized Kundalini warrior who would defeat Asura and bring back peace to the universe. The zuyuan prince underwent the difficult task of awakening the sacred serpent, a feat that only the most spiritually enlightened and pure of heart could accomplish.

Zacek managed to succeed in his mission, and became a full-fledged Kundalini warrior. Katnatek, the first Kundalini warrior and the voice he heard when he entered the chamber appeared before him then and gave him his Kalpe- Om , the magical item that allowed him to transform in the most powerful warrior of good in this universe the audience is later informed that there are many possible universes, and each possible universe has its own Karmatron.

By uttering a sacred mantra , Zacek transformed into Karmatron for the first time. Fully equipped with his powerful new armor, Karmatron rushed then to Planet Metnal to save his brother, but he arrived too late.

Karmatron arrived at the Darkness Zone only to find the mangled corpse of Nazul still being devoured by the monsters who dwelled there. Asura caught a glimpse of this awesome steel giant that came to his planet, and he became violently enraged then, for he acknowledge him for what he was, and knew him to be the source of many future problems. The comic book was discontinued then and fans of all ages still hope for the saga to start anew. The lost continent of Mu is featured as the location of one of the base cities of some of the main characters.

Likewise, the ancient Olmec and Toltec statues and artifacts like the Olmec colossal heads and the Atlantean figures are -according to the plot- actually representations of the transformers Olmec and Toltec respectively. All Kundalini Warriors can stop their heartbeats completely in order to fool their enemies, or to avoid the effects of a lethal poison or radiation. Kundalini Warriors can only do this three times in their lives. Zacek has already done it twice.

As Karmatron, Zacek has all his Kundalini powers enhanced by a tenfold or more , he has super-strength, near physical invulnerability, the ability to fire a variety of types of rays and bolts, he has flight capability, he can survive in space or in any environment short of a nuclear inferno which almost killed him once and he can shrink to microscopic level.

Themes[ edit ] Several sci-fi and fantasy elements from the series were based in the boom of both genres during the late seventies and early eighties that took place in American mass media in the west, as well as the super robot and mecha anime genres from Japan in the east. The " ancient astronaut theory " is one of the principal components of the main storyline in Karmatron. Buddhism , Taoism , Esoterism and Mayanism are also featured heavily in the series. The comic itself was meant to deliver a pastiche of multiple philosophies, doctrines and new age concepts -some of them contradictory between them-, through the story of an intergalactic battle between two forces marked as definitive good versus evil , reinforcing the intention of the author of establishing his own conception of Ying and Yang.

However, because of the tremendous success of later eighties animated series with transforming robots such as Transformers and Gobots the publisher requested Gonzalez Loyo to include characters of this type in the comic book, so finally the series would be renamed Karmatron y los Transformables to increase sales. The series was finally published for the first time in February , in a weekly format and until mid Each comic had 32 pages and the whole original series from the eighties lasted issues.

Each comic of the classic eighties series was made completely in one week, but sometimes past numbers were re-edited and relaunched or substituted by issues with great amounts of text to be able to complete its weekly schedule deadline. The creator of the series claims that during the 5 years of its publication the comic managed to have more than , comics sold. However, there is no registry or any other information to confirm such numbers.

In a new reboot edition was released in a black and white graphic novel format with redesigned characters, but this was a special limited series that lasted just a couple issues. Studio with a modified storyline, new art, improved modern digital coloring, new designs and a bigger, more standard comic book size format. The release schedule of each issue for the new reboot series has been extremely irregular with comics released after 2 months or up to a 1 year hiatus.

So far 20 numbers have been published, with the latest issue released in late Studio for free since , with later numbers still pending publication. This allowed Karmatron to acquire some fame and notoriety in the comics medium in Mexico. However, as the storyline progressed and the philosophical ideas exposed and the mysticism turned more dense and evident, both the editorial and the public became more and more alienated until the comic ceased to be published in the early nineties.

Nevertheless, the series is fondly remembered by many Mexicans who were children during the eighties for its peculiar Japanese anime influenced art style and is still considered one of the first true Mexican sci-fi robot "manga" works. Also of note was its weekly publication schedule, an uncommon practice during its decade of publication.


Karmatrón y los Transformables





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