An early Fassbinder gem jandesimpson 17 May Of all the films that make me laugh out loud, "Katzelmacher is probably the blackest. How else to justify the enjoyable quality of a movie in which almost all the characters, if not human scum, act that way most of the time. Make no mistake, the young Fassbinder knew exactly what he was doing when he made this early brilliant piece. Every shot has been planned with a single mindedness that enhances the meaningfulness of his exploration of xenophobia and its causes in dissatisfaction with financial circumstances and unfulfilled human relationships. Some eight or so young people of mixed sex pass their time in mainly useless activities. The building behind is not a slum.

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A small, dreary town. A group of youths hang out together — on the playground, on the street, in the pub. They are bored and frustrated with the emptiness in and around them. Because it seem as if it always was, and always will be, this way.

Because they cannot imagine anything different. Then Jorgos shows up. The youth sparks off desires and aggressions and challenges the old established order.

The year-old Fassbinder wrote Katzelmacher when the first guest workers were arriving in West Germany. In , they are living here in the third generation and Germany is facing the challenge of integrating hundreds of thousands of refugees. Meanwhile, a new right-wing movement is fuelling old fears of "foreign infiltration" and now as then is demanding "a return to order".

The director Jessica Glause and her team reinterpret the drama together with eleven young actors. What if Jorgos only exists in our minds? What if the hated other is a projection of ourselves? What if we are all Jorgos? With the kind support of the K. Fischer Foundation.


Eclipse Series 39: Early Fassbinder

It reminds me of those kids in my hometown who would make bombs for the fuck of it, for lack of something better to do. Grey toned and brightly lit, this film feels like it is peeled, exposed, raw, but what it finds underneath is ennui. In short, these… Review by V. Every emotion as fresh as it was back then. This is one of the ultimate films about communities and their mechanisms. Definitely a forerunner in the independent cinema and perhaps that is one of the main reasons why it feels so inspiring; it is truly independent in its themes that shift from warm emotion to cold, giving a definite portrait about its era through the mechanisms of society.

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