Brought forth through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling, Master Guide Kirael delivers both ancient wisdom and a path for our future. You will be counting the Love particles, because, you see, the Three Days of Darkness is when the Earth plane enters into the huge Photon Belt of Light, and the Light is so intensified, there are so many particles that your Sun Star seems to be blotted out. It seems to be blotted out. It knows how to bring enough particles through. Oh, but I am pretty sure you will be wanting to sleep a lot. In fact, some of you are going to sleep straight through it and not know it happened until it is over.

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Mur Healing after the Shift. Open Preview See a Problem? Will the science of physics be the same? The teachers, scientists, philosophers, etc. Your preparation will make this Shift happen. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

You can stay here and get your new splinters and keep operating. Light and information will be downloaded into you during that time. You must be so aware of the four bodies that you can see your spirit, feel your emotions, hear your omni brain and feel your physical body as they raise their vibration to align with the journey. I keep going back to this book over and over. The aid stations will be there for you and you alone, to get your body process healed.

Dee added it Jun 24, You will have to sit with them for three or four days and explain this shifting process to them. How will they grear when they return to the third dimension post-Shift? For some, like myself, it took time to resonate with his statement.

It is presented to you, for you to decide for yourself. You must pray for Mother Earth. For more information visit www. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The Great Shift in Consciousness is about entering a new world, a new dimension. Being aware of and understanding this blueprint is powerful. Vira Nazarenko marked it as to-read Jun 01, As a guardian for this Great Shift in Consciousness, I am doing my best to bring you as much information as possible to help you heal and release fear in preparation for this Shift.

This project has changed my life. So, let go of that feeling that you want to go home. In this Great Shift, you will be one of the more focused energies. No trivia or quizzes yet. I am beginning to realize that reality through the simplicity of his loving words that I am much more expansive than I could ever imagine. So live in fear if you must, but this work is meant to take you beyond all that.

Master Kirael updated all the information in the transcriptions which added more value to the manuscript. Refresh and try again. Likewise, the Shift in Consciousness is more than a mere thought pattern. If you are on the Path to discover your spiritual self, you will be drawn to the works necessary for your growth. Your trunk will be the last thing to get longer. My experience reading this book moves me to heal and impassion my life more than ever.

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Take advantage of the Lemurian numerical value of the 7th month of This is the year that invites us to be proactive in understanding truth, trust and passion the trinity of self-love. July is the 7th month. The number seven reminds you of the transformative power of self-love.


Kirael: The Great Shift

Kirael encourages us to expand beyond the limitations of kkrael physical realities and to experience our existence through the deeper meaning and higher understanding of the universe. The reader will gain much insight into the coming Earth changes and will be prepared and centered. They offer you the opportunity to recognize truth and untruth and to respond in love, no matter what. Your eyes will be so strong that you will be able to look directly into the sun without sunglasses or any other protection. You all came into this plane of consciousness with a fourth-dimensional blueprint available in the Now. Kirael describes the most awesome evolutionary event in history — the great shift in consciousness.

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