Exactly where ATC will begin vectoring you depends on how much traffic there is going into your destination airport, as well as other factors. I will come back and make the pdf later today. Posted August 20, Leave them out when flying in Europe — you will get the SID on the ground as part of your route clearance, and the Sod will be assigned while you are airborne, by the center or approach controller. Begin by opening the airport diagram found on the second page of the KSEA search results. Well done ksfa persevering with it! There are two issues that we need to deal with.

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Mugul From that point you would be flying on ATC vectors further east and south onto the localizer. I will begin by describing how to configure the flight management system for the part of the route that is the same regardless which direction KLAX is operating in. I turned left a little more than the 85 radial and waited. R out means heading. Nothing seemed to happen and I noticed I was going in msea wrong direction so I just went ahead and turned north.

Airport information and terminal procedure charts can be found by clicking on the airport names in your flightplan, or by searching for individual airport ICAO codes. If you use VOR mode, I suggest you think through beforehand how you are going to set your radios up with active and standby frequencies. By Rich Heimlich — Sat Jun 17, 4: However, obviously I think it makes the most sense to be able to fly it manually, though it would help to be able to let FS Nav take me through it all once to get the idea.

If you want to land in the WEST direction, continue with the steps below. For example, KSEA would be www. That is a very good thing. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. It was great and I understood it this time. Does that sound right? Thu Dec 02, 5: Your donation here helps to pay our bandwidth costs, emergency funding, and other general costs that crop up from time to time.

What to take from all of this? Earlier today I had some problems acessing the FAA website. Notice that the first one in the list on my screenshot is an Alaska Airlines flight using a Boeing Begin by opening the airport diagram found on the second page of the KSEA search results. Regardless of what scenery you use, I would suggest that you turn autogen and AI traffic down to a minimum when near Seattle. This donation keeps our doors open and providing you service 24 x 7 x George Marinakis Posts: This is a direct link.

Ksex could find no reference to it and FS Navigator came sir empty as well. By George Marinakis — Fri Jun 16, If this happens to you, you can find the same charts on the myairplane. Users browsing this forum: Again, thanks for all the help. Someone correct me if I am wrong! Here is a direct link to the current chart: I thought that might be interesting to work through, since there is an excellent free source of real-world US routes out there, flightaware.

We were all new and had to find our way once. Ksfa thanks to Tom for this thread. Now we need to enter all that information into the CDU. The SID referred kwea making a left turn which gives the impression of a much larger turn. Your efforts are much appreciated, Ray! Tonight I was on and had my FS9-generated route replaced by the controller with the following: The bearing is a couple of degrees off — the CDU says degrees from FIM where the approach plate has degrees, but this is close enough for our purposes if you want to be exact, fly this portion of the approach with the ND in VOR mode, tracking the degree radial from FIM.

For the US, you can find charts by going to www. How about a more complicated departure arrival? TOP Related Articles.


Seattle/Tacoma Airport (Seattle, WA) SEA IFR-Karten









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