Faehn Against him the Brothers of the Left-hand Path, confusing the symbols. January 6, at 6: And he gave it away during frigrammaton same period that CCXX was being prepared for its first full public edition in the Equinox 1 Crowley might have crossed out the F for a number of reasons. A primary feature of this qabalah is a new understanding of the Cube of Space and its 26 components of edges, faces and vertices, which equal the number of Roman script letters used in the English alphabet. If corrections made on a printed document indicate that trigrrammaton should be changed, then LACK of corrections obviously means they should not be changed. The tfigrammaton are often tabulated along with their numerical equivalents. Yet it is also another reference to 24, since 89 is the 24th prime number.

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One can see how in the process of proofreading his copy of Thelema, he might have viewed the trigrams as incomplete without English letters assignments and felt motivated to provide them. I suppose, since there are some trigrams with no letters, i. But if it was the first try, he later reverted to letters he had written over in this document, which was then published in the New Comment with the full list.

It is also possible that the list eventually published was at hand, and that he wrote some letters in the margins, then later reconsidered and crossed them out. I suppose it is entirely possible that this was a first try, it was left incomplete, AC gave away the book, then attributed letters in another copy later, working from memory, and reverted to the initial attributions.

That statement was made before the Windram copy was given away, which is why I feel that this copy did not include the definitive list. Symonds and Grant also published a complete version of Liber Trigrammaton within months of Motta doing so, which suggests they had either the original source documents or a copy of what Germer had.

It would be interesting to learn if any collectors in Thelemaland have one of the vellum books in question, and if there were early copies that differ from later versions in regard to trigram attributions. And to answer another post, I once had a copy of the mimeographed papers by Alexander Watt, which also included the full commentary on Liber LXV. I sold the copies many years ago to either Lutz or Clive Harper.

Were there copies of the Holy Books that had the letters printed in them? Exactly when was the first publication of this list of letters? IDK where Motta got his copy of the material. So considering some of the above, this is why I think that the Windram copy contains an abortive second attempt to attribute letters to XXVII. He may have been unsatisfied rather early on, and began to swap around some letters, then never finished the task, and gave away the Windram copy, which raises the slight possibility that it was Windram himself who overwrote the letters originally put there by AC.

I think that the list is missing a couple letters because although the substitutions made look good structurally, he eventually ran out of places to put the D and K, which clearly do not resemble the remaining trigrams.


Liber Trigrammaton sub figurâ XXVII



Liber Trigrammaton






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