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Designed with the highest quality standards, it is suited for the critical applications in the aerospace and defense industries, as well as other industrial use, including the information systems, transportation, and telecommunications industries. Coaxial cable is available in a wide array of configurations. The variety of configurations we offer, such as RG Cable and MIL-C, address application requirements such as cable impedance, environmental temperature rating, working voltage, power rating and signal loss at specified frequencies. In addition, our product line includes a range of characteristics for shielding, weight and other key electrical parameters. Coaxial Cable Specifications A.

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Smarter Interconnect Solutions A. Petsche Company, a division of Arrow Electronics, is the leading global supplier of defense, transportation, and aerospace interconnect solutions. Commercial Aviation We help the future take flight with our large selection of commercial aviation interconnect components designed to fly. Learn More Military A. Petsche has long supported the military interconnect components market and is one of the leading military component distributors.

Petsche has partnered with Lectromec to provide additional services to our customers. Petsche with our Value Added Services. In addition to our extensive product offering, we offer a vast array of services that tailor all aspects of your order to meet your specific needs per project.

Learn More As a leader in forward thinking we can help you develop the tangible future of Five Years Out. Ready to get started with A. E Petsche? Start the conversation today. Please take a moment to review these changes.

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Break Down of the M27500 Cable

Commonly used in avionics, aerospace, military, and airframe applications, these constructions are offered in shielded and unshielded cables and are composed of specific conductor sizes, insulation types, number of conductors, shielding material and jacket compounds. Ranging from 1 to 15 conductors, the part number is a combination of digits and letters not to exceed 16 which help identify the exact components of each cable. This particular cable is one of the only products that you can determine the construction and components just by evaluating the part number. Identifying the Specification — Every part number will begin with M because this is the specification call out. Color Code — The identification method is designated by a single character that denotes the color coding, identification sequence, and the amount of shield coverage.


16 AWG x 2 Shielded Cable



Smarter Interconnect Solutions


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