Kagore My question is how to extract list of elements from CA-Endevor into this pds? A package is a container for Endevor SCL and associated control information for code release. Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing manuzl references. Many functions executed in interactive mode are completed in batch mode. At a minimum a package has a name, an execution window defined the time range for when the package can be executed, notes about the package, various flags and at least one value SCL statement.

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Since Endevor packages are marked with the file extension. Note: If the existing package does not contain valid SCL commands, then the Endevor Package Editor does not open and an error message is displayed in its place. Note the three parts of the Endevor Package Editor. It displays all the commands in the package. These controls can be used to add new commands to the package and perform actions, such as reordering and editing, on existing commands. Package commands are listed in the Command Table.

Select a command. The Edit button in the Command Control becomes active. Select the Edit button while the command is still selected in the Command Table. A window opens allowing you to edit the parameters for the command. Close the edit window. These buttons allow you to reorder existing commands.

Note: The Add button becomes active only after a command is selected from the menu. A window opens prompting you for the parameters of the SCL command you selected. This new command is added to the list of commands in the Command Table. A window opens to allow you to select an Endevor element from the repository. Browse to an element you would like to add, select it, and click OK.

The parameters are populated based on the Endevor element you selected. Alternatively, you can click Finish to return all Endevor elements. Open the menu under Options, select an option from the menu, and click Add. The option is added to the table. You can add as many options as are applicable to the command. For now, click Cancel. Note: After you add an option to a command, the option is removed from the list so that you do not accidentally add the same option multiple times.

Some options, such as CCID, require a value. When an option is selected that needs a value, the input field to the right of the menu becomes active. Selecting the option, specify the value, and then click Add. This file is a PDS that contains. Double-click one of the members in the PDS. Because the member has an. Note: Files with the extension can be edited in the same manner as packages. Related tasks:.


CA Endevor

Transfer[ edit ] Moves an element from any source stage to any target stage. Generate[ edit ] Generate outputs. Source Control vs Output Library Control[ edit ] Endevor separates the control of source from the objects used as input and the objects created as output when an action is performed. In most cases, an element is stored internally by Endevor as the code base with subsequent changes stored as deltas.


Endevor Package Editor tutorial

Mikalrajas The same functionality for source control and release management functions are provided by several other products. The Endevor application executes system actions using two dedicated system accounts maifnrame which have the access to write to Endevor controlled libraries. Every type has at least one processor defined for which lists the name of the processor that performs the action required. Endevor Package Editor tutorial From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Each approver group can have up to 16 userids. Endevor administrators can modify Endevor functions and capture information using exits.

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