Nektilar The time now is The latter is the correct program name to use provided you have acrobat reader installed. First things first, which for me means to get usable windows behaviour. Is it particularly involved to use. I suppose that a logoff-logon or reboot would have given this icon too, but this was the quickest way for me. Are you new to LinuxQuestions.

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Negami A candle looses nothing by lighting other candles. Dual Boot Linux??? There is even a scripted solution for XtDeskan ultra-light icon manager for minimal window managers, that can pop up an icon when a USB key is inserted.

You mandfiva, in fact, advised to login as root after rebooting to finish configuring your system. On Saturday, a new version, October 12th, 6.

Based on OpenSolaris snv September 24th, 6. P Anyway, my issues are solved. But to fix this, pop an ubuntu liveCD and head to terminal and type Code:. DistroWatch Weekly A weekly opinion column and a summary of events from the distribution world. I had selected the option of running the wicd daemon at boot during installation. Results 1 to 10 of It ended like the following: October 12th, 9.

The Absolute Linux installer, much like the Slackware installer, does not set up users or passwords other than the password for the root account. However, its bootup and login graphics are astounding. Another way to get GRUB to boot both at once The most important changes and improvements are as follows: Some have more flexible installers that are every bit as easy to use. Here is a compilation of 25 such sites related to Fedora that you should bookmark.

Originally Posted by newestguy1. WAN Balancer allows companies to easily split traffic across up to six separate Internet connections. In addition, enabling these repositories in gslapt can create conflicts and dependency issues. Distro Ubuntu Development Release. Back at the beginning of this year, we interviewed Paul Shermanthe project lead of Absolute Linux which is a derivative distribution of Slackware.

The Toshiba laptop seemed particularly appropriate for this review since enhanced performance on older hardware is one of the stated goals for Absolute Linux. New distributions added to database Hymera Open. Tiny Core Linux 2. Results 1 to 4 of 4. Sherman has just released version For some strange reason, HTMLpage also shows up twice in the Development section of the menu by default, another very minor bug.

Create 4 partitions on a hard drive with a tool like fdisk, gparted etc. TOP Related.







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