The image was made of a very rare material called Pathala Anjana Sila. Lord Brahma gave it to Sage Sutapas. The Sage handed it over to Kasyapa Prajapati. He gave it to Srimad Vasudev, the father of Sree Krishna. Sree Krishna got it from His father and it was installed and worshipped at Dwaraka.

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Ramachander: Bhagawatha Purana is one of the 18 Puranas and deals with all the nine major incarnations of Vishnu as well as a few minor incarnations. This book has 12 chapters and 18, stanzas in these 12 chapters. Chapters one to nine of this book deal with several incarnations of Vishnu.

But the tenth chapter deals exclusively with the life and greatness of Lord Krishna. Though originally written in Sanskrit, this great epic has been translated in almost all major Indian languages. Narayaneeyam is a stanza summary of Bhagawath Purana by a great poet of Kerala Called Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri who lived in between He mastered the Vedas as well as the art of literary composition, as per the custom of those days he married the daughter of Sri Achyutha Pisharodi and later became his devotee as well as student When his Teacher as well as his father in law was suffering due to rheumatism, Narayana Bhattathiri prayed God and got the disease transferred to him.

This disease was very severe in his case and he suffered a lot. When he consulted Thunchathu Ezhuthachan who was a great writer and translator of Ramayanam, he advised him to write touching starting from the fish. Bhattathiri understood that this meant that he has to write starting from the fish incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

He then went to Guruvayur and started writing a summary of Bhagawatha. Daily he wrote one chapter consisting of ten verses his younger brother took it down and planned to write one hundred chapters. Though he did not mention any thing about his sickness and suffering in the first two chapters, the third chapter is essentially a plea by him to Lord of Guruvayur to cure him, in one verse, he says that he may not be able to continue what he was doing.

From then on, in the last verse of every chapter, he made a plea to God to cure him. The first 36 chapters dealt with various incarnations of Lord Vishnu, and chapters deals exclusively with the story of Lord Krishna. Chapters dealt with the extolling of Vishnu as a primeval God as well as several philosophical concepts. The last chapter is a mellifluous description of the lord from head to foot. It was completed on as denoted by the last words of the great work, which also means, long life, health and happiness.

People believe that when reciting the last Chapter Melpathur was able to see Lord Guruvayurappa before him and once he completed this chapter he got completely cured of his disease. Millions of devotees in the past few centauries have benefited by the recital of Narayaneeyam and very many of them have got cured of their diseases especially those caused by Vatham Rheumatism.

There are very many commentaries available for Narayaneeyam in Malayalam, Tamil and English. There are also few web sites devoted only to Narayaneeyam. One of them contains, the entire text, with word by word meaning Due to its availability, as well as my belief that such great prayer books can be read in any language, I have not given the text of Narayaneeyam in my translation.

Another great translation attempt is.


நாராயணீயம் mp3 & pdf - Narayaneeyam Slokas mp3 and Pdf in Tamil

I Thy form excels in the beauty of the fresh rain bearing clouds, and of a beautiful bunch of blue kayam flowers. Thy form is an embodiment of beauty, in the eyes of the people who have done all their good deeds in complete incarnation. Thou are the abode where Goddess Lakshmi plays uninhibitedly becomes the source for pouring flow of nectarine Bliss which being the abode of beauty, is the ultimate haven of all true devotees; On that form of Thine I continuously meditate. While other gods out of compassion, fulfill the desires of their devotees. While other gods rule over the world with the powers invested in them, Thou are the very inner controller of all and rule over all beings and other gods as well as Thyself. Thou are ever satisfied in Thyself are the abode of incomparable attributes. Thou the ruler of Thyself.


Narayaneeyam Recital

This embodiment of eternal spiritual bliss is beyond any comparison and transcends all limits of time and space. This eternal truth is free of all illusion and is all-pervading, being the root cause of the entire universe. Even the Vedas cannot fully comprehend or describe it but it can be attained through singleminded devotion by the true Bhakthas of Lord Krishna. May we all realize our folly and serve Him with complete faith as He alone can alleviate all our sorrows. Contemplation of this pure divine form of Lord Krishna will lead us to ultimate bliss and wisdom niShkampe nityapuurNe niravadhiparamaanandapiiyuuSharuupe kallOlOllaasatulyaM khalu vimalataraM sattvamaahustadaatmaa kasmaannOniShkalastvaM sakala iti vachastvatkalaasveva bhuuman 4 Oh Lord Krishna!


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