For the village in Azerbaijan, see Zir. The Palm Zire and Palm Zire 2. The Zire, released in the fourth quarter of 2. MHz Motorola Dragon. The Zire was superseded by the Zire 2.

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If the HotSync process did not work, see Troubleshooting on the other side of this document. Troubleshooting Your handheld does not turn on when you press the power button. Try the following: Did you charge your handheld? Make sure the power adapter is plugged securely into a working electric outlet and is firmly connected to the handheld. Charge the handheld for another full three hours. When the Contrast dialog box appears, adjust the contrast by holding down the Up scroll button for a few seconds.

Windows: In Palm Desktop software, click Help in the menu bar. Then select the menu item for the handbook. Mac: Open the Palm folder, and then open the Documentation folder. Double-click Handbook. HotSync process does not begin. If it is there, then HotSync Manager is running. HotSync icon a. If the HotSync icon is in the system tray, click it to display the menu.

Make sure there is a check mark next to Local USB. To insert a check mark, click the menu item. Then turn on your handheld and tap the Favorite icon to start the HotSync process. If the HotSync icon is not in the system tray, click the Start button and select Programs.

HotSync Manager starts and the icon appears in the system tray. Follow instructions in a. Open the Palm folder and double-click the HotSync Manager icon. The HotSync Software Setup dialog box appears.

In the HotSync Controls tab, click Enabled. Take this hands-on tutorial to see simple strokes turn into text and numbers on your screen. Turn on your handheld, tap Home , and tap the Graffiti icon.

Install the Giraffe game on your handheld and play a game that helps you improve your Graffiti writing skills. Review Basic Skills Basic Skills is an overview that gives you tips on how to use your handheld.

You can return to Basic Skills as often as you like. Turn on your handheld, tap Home , and tap the Welcome icon. When you reach the end of Setup, tap Basic Skills. Visit www. Palm, Inc. All rights reserved. Other product and brand names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability Palm, Inc. Be sure to make backup copies of all important data on other media to protect against data loss.

Check www. HotSync process does not begin after tapping the Favorite icon. Make sure your handheld is on, and then try the following: 1.

Tap the Home icon. Locate and tap the HotSync icon TM 3. In the HotSync application, make sure of the following: —Your username established when you installed Palm Desktop software is in the upper-right corner. If Cable does not appear, tap whatever word is there, and then tap Cable in the list that drops down. Username Tap HotSync icon 4. To start the HotSync process, tap the HotSync icon in the middle of the handheld screen. This First.


Palm Zire User Manual

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the Secondary DNS number. IP address Everyone who logs on to the Internet needs to have a unique identifier an IP address , whether permanent or temporary. Some networks dynamically assign a temporary IP address when clients log in. The IP Address field lets you identify whether your network provides automatic dynamic temporary IP addressing. If you are not sure, select Automatic. To enter a permanent IP address: 1.


Palm Zire Zire Manuals



PalmOne Zire 31 User Manual


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