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Additionally, the RTA series provides excellent regulation over variations in line and load. Outstanding features include low dropout performance at rated current, fast transient response, internal current-limiting, and thermal-shutdown protection of the output device.

Ordering Information z Low Dropout Performance, 1. Figure 1. Figure 2. These are for stress ratings. Functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated in the operational sections of the specifications is not implied.

Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may remain possibility to affect device reliability. Note 2. Devices are ESD sensitive. Handling precaution recommended. Note 3. The device is not guaranteed to function outside its operating conditions. Note 4. Low duty cycle pulse testing with Kelvin connections. Note 5. Note 6. Temperature 3.

Input Voltage 3 2. Temperature 1. Temperature 2 1. The voltage ratio formed by R1 and R2 should be set to conduct 10mA minimum output load. This is to ensure stability at the output terminal.

The output capacitor does not have a theoretical upper limit and increasing its value will increase stability. Figure 4.

This bypass capacitor prevents ripple from being amplified as the output voltage is increased. Instable 0. When so connected, RP is not multiplied by the divider ratio. For Fixed output version, the top of R1 is internally connected to the output and ground pins can be connected to low side of the load. Current protection is triggered at typically 1. Thermal Consideration The RTA series contain thermal limiting circuitry designed to protect itself from over-temperature conditions.

Even for normal load conditions, maximum junction temperature ratings must not be exceeded. As mention in thermal protection section, we need to consider all sources of thermal resistance between junction and ambient. It includes junction-to-case, case-to-heat-sink interface, and heat sink thermal resistance itself.

Junction-to-case thermal resistance is specified from the IC junction to the bottom of the case directly below the die. Proper mounting is required to ensure the best possible thermal flow from this area of the package to the heat sink. The case of all devices in this series is electrically connected to the output. Therefore, if the case of the device must be electrically isolated, a thermally conductive spacer is recommended. Dimensions In Inches Min Max 0.

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