Edit Adon was born from a poor family in Thailand. When he was five years old, his father took him to the Khmer Ruins for the first time, where many fighters challenged the Muay Thai Emperor Nuakan , his father included. None of them managed to defeat him. Adon then wished to grow stronger and one day challenge Nuakan. Some years later, a young man named Sagat managed to defeat Nuakan, and Adon was impressed with their intense battle.

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Akiman has been one of the first and most important artists for the Street Fighter video games. He worked for Capcom from until and went freelance after that. This is where Chun-Li got her famous puffy sleeves.

Street Fighter is one of the most influential video game series of the last couple of decades. Street Fighter, like Mario or Tetris, is pure and quintessential video game. Impossible in any other form. Whoever sees skilled Street Fighter players in action sees a game that is not played on screen but in the minds of the players. Their goal has become giving their opponent bad choices.

And much like chess the top players also have an active role in the development of the game, giving feedback on balancing and rules. Juxtapozed with that deep gameplay is the aesthetic of the game. After 25 years this still breathes the atmosphere of teenage bedrooms and videogame arcades where the Street Fighter games and the games medium originated. This shows through in the art direction. Characters are archetypes that young men women to a lesser extent can easily identify with.

Strong, fast, good or evil, these traits are instantly recognizable from the character designs. For every type of player there is character with a matching fighting style. The art is colorful and bold. Moves are exaggerated and flashy but never so that they obscure the gameplay. While many would be contenders have fallen by the wayside, Street Fighter has endured. Street Fighter games have a certain kind of video game magic.

They are examples of almost perfect videogame design. Featured Video: Do you have a review or unboxing on YouTube for this product? Contact me about featuring it here!

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Street Fighter


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