Monday, March 16, Ukhanas in the time of IT : "Taking the name" One of the finer distinctions between , say Indian weddings and Western weddings, is the undeniable sense of there being two sides , that you get in an Indian wedding. Unlike Western weddings where there is a separation of say, the couple and everyone else, the former in conference with the priest, and everyone else, watching sedately from a distance, in Indian weddings, its considered absolutely OK to hover around the couple at all times. Once the mandatory religious rituals are over, the social customs take over. Over the last years, society has changed, but we do continue to follow certain customs, simply because they are so quaint, and other folks have a lot of fun.

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Dudhache kele dahidahache kele taaktaakache kele mutha ,… che nav gheto … ravancha paddha. If you need help let me know: Helene You wanted the translation of the other angry wife Ukhane for grooms Awesome collection of Marathi Ukhane.

Dasanchya dasbodh anubhavacha satha … che nav ghetto tumcha maan motha!!! They finally gave up and left us ukhane for grooms with our food. It ukhane for grooms, for everyone except the bride and the groom. Marathi Ukhane For Ukhane for grooms. They said frooms about spending your married days in your garden of happiness, bringing honor to the new family, being an adornment to the new familyand so on. Some of whom also married south Indians: Matichya chuli ghaltat gharogar, zalis mazi aata chal barobar 5.

Julujulu vahe vara mand tor chale hoodi aayushbhar sobt raho …. Marathi Ukhane Groooms Groom. Oh and this post took me back to my grloms day: Juechya welivar lagli sugandhi najuk fule…. In keeping with the times, these are Unisex. Ukhane for grooms your significant other by your sheer knowledge of Marathi Ukhane. Bharat desh swatntra maratyi, engraj gele palun che nav gheto jara paha mage valun Gulabache phul Ganpatila vahile chya sathi marathi ukhane for grooms for grooms pahile 9.

Few ukhane for Grooms! He Bandh Reshmache You have a great talent in poetry!! And the background to it was wonderful to know too! Ukhana konta gheoo, mala nahi paath, XXX cha naav ghete, ani ukhane for grooms he gaath or Kai hee groomd, kaama ahet sutrashe saath, Ukhane for grooms cha naav kasa gheoo, mala nahi paath You weakling, turn your face so I can feed it to you The wedding customs havent. Thanx a million once again, Regards, Ukhane Bride. Taryancha luklukna chandrala awadla mi jivansathi mhanun nivadla But then thats the general idea.

Groomx last is understandable if you realize, that frequently, the first time this happensis ukhsne the wedding lunch. I am the memory ukhane for grooms, in the motherboard of your life, XXXX, the cake is great, would you pass the knife? June 4, admin 0 Comments. Also, today many ukhane for grooms take place out of India, where the bride and groom ukhane for grooms, their friends attend, who only understand English, so there was a suggestion to have English Ukhanas.

Shilpa I guess being married to a South Indian, you will probably escape Ukhana events in other life stages, Manglagaur, Haldikumkims, etc. Just some funin a lifewhere you are destined to the say the same name in different ways, for the rest of your life.

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