Lifestyle Difference between Annealing and Normalizing Blacksmithing is both a science and an art. It requires the mastering of certain terms and treatment of metals by the use of heat. Normalizing and annealing are some of the popular heat treatment methods used by blacksmiths. The article provides detailed insights into the difference between annealing and normalizing with a comparison table for easier understanding. The comparison video help to highlight some finer details not present in the discussion.

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First let me tell you that this is the most genuine and toughest interview among all the PSUs. This is the best interview methodology that they adopt. They just ask for very basic questions of Intermediate 12th level and want to check the basic understanding.

Almost all the questions are practical questions no direct relation with the knowledge of core technical. In this way they look for the way you approach to solve a problem. This is a research oriented job that requires the great skills and knowledge to solve a real practical problem.

So, this was a basic idea about the interview. But keep in mind that you are really comfortable with those subjects and you should be thoroughly prepared. Because they will try to divert you from your answer and will drill on topic till you surrender. They are generally the minimum time for interview is more than 45 minutes. Even the person they know will not be qualified; they drill him at least for 45 minutes.

As the interview timing cross more than minutes, your chance goes on increasing to get selected. Finally If they are satisfied with your performance then they give you a medical slip that insures your eligibility fir the interview. Final Result depends on the no. I wish you all the best for your interview. It is well known that hard work and the luck both are that major factor that plays important roles in every exam. Your Luck also plays an important role that by which panel you are going to be interviewed.

During my interview I was a victim of bad luck so I could not qualified the interview. I had heard that the panel members being very helpful they bring you out of the pressure if you feel during the interview but this was not true in my case. Anyways, I entered in the room, there were 5 members. The committee chairman asked me about my hometown.

Then he asked me "Is it your first interview or you have gone through any other interview? This normal conversation is just to make you feel good and to make you comfortable. Chairman: So you have done your B. Tech from IIIT? Me: Yes Sir. Suddenly another person interrupted as he was looking at my cv, he told to the chairman that I got first Prize in solid modeling Contest.

This was a curse for me for that interview. Chairman: So you got first prize in Modeling? Me: Yes sir. Chairman: What is Computer Aided Design? Me: I told. Chairman: You have been taught the Finite Element Methods course? Chairman: Can you do the analysis of a cylindrical pressure vessel? Me: No sir, actually we just learnt the analysis of one dimensional objects.

Chairman: But you know the basics of analysis steps? Chairman: What will be the first step? Me: We will take the symmetry and will not require going through the analysis of whole section.

Chairman: Draw the element of symmetry? Me: I drawn. Chairman: Next step? Me: Boundary conditions and Forces. Chairman: What will be the boundary conditions, forces etc? I could not give the answers, and the trials were wrong and I was totally confused.

It was a bad impression that lead me through the darkness. Then he asked me to put the name of subjects I studied in B. Tech as our curriculum is different from other colleges curriculum, It has major emphasize on Design.

So under pressure I was not able to recall the subjects. So they just started asking the questions randomly from the subjects they got in that list. After a sometime chairman asked me about the subjects I am comfortable.

I told and given the preference to Micro-Metal Forming that was a new topic for him and he decided to get out of the topic and asked about the issues when we go through the micro forming. I told that as we go from macro size to micro, the strength, isotropic behavior and surface roughness changes and affect a lot.

Then he asked how surface roughness comes into picture? Me: As material thickness approaches towards micro size, the no. Then he asked: What is inside the space between two grain boundaries; Gas or Vacuum? Me: Sir Vacuum. He Said: You are wrong, go and refer the books. So, I will suggest you not to give any new topic as the persons taking interview may or may not be comfortable with that and it may be a curse to you. In Thermo….. Me: I was confused and was asking about a lot of irrelevant information needed to solve.

He: This is all I told you now calculate the volume I could not derive it. Fluid: He: I am having an wedge shaped vessel triangular shaped I want to know the water level at different places, what will be the levels of water at different tubes?

Me: Same level in every tube. He: why? Me: because of fluids property He: ok so, pressure is constant at all the points in same level but different at different levels?

He: So if I make two holes at different levels and fit a tube at outside from the vessel then water will flow? Me: yes sir. He: If I place a turbine in between the pipe then will the electricity produced? Me: No. Me: because water will flow once only.

He: but pressure difference is continuously acting at two different levels? Me: as once water flows and the section gets filled pressure at the same level in vessel and pipe will be same, So no way it will flow again.

This was a section where I was somewhat comfortable and answered correctly. SOM: Shear stresses, how shear stress comes Is bending stress and shear stress same and a lot That I replied correctly. As you know that I am from Department of Mechanical Engineering.

I qualified the written exam conducted by BARC and attended the interview.


Difference Between Annealing and Normalizing

Both methods follow slightly similar procedure at the beginning of the process, but there is a notable difference in the last cooling step. The key difference between annealing and normalizing is that, in annealing, the cooling process is done in the oven while, in normalizing, it is done in the air. However, both methods are equally important, and they modify the microstructure of the material in different ways. What is Annealing? Annealing modifies the properties such as machinability, mechanical or electrical properties, or dimensional stability.


Difference between Annealing and Normalizing

First let me tell you that this is the most genuine and toughest interview among all the PSUs. This is the best interview methodology that they adopt. They just ask for very basic questions of Intermediate 12th level and want to check the basic understanding. Almost all the questions are practical questions no direct relation with the knowledge of core technical.

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